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Godfrey & WingGodfrey & Wing
Vacuum Impregnation Technology

Godfrey & Wing designs and manufactures vacuum impregnation technology to seal porosity. Godfrey & Wing systems are engineered to maximize productivity, economize sealant usage, and conserve resources. With Godfrey & Wing, manufacturers can meet OEM requirements and ensure the quality of their components and the integrity of their bottom line.

PRAB Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
Reduce die casting wastewater volume produced in the production process and eliminate high disposal costs—treat and reuse manufacturing wastewater.

28 recent customers have saved an average of $106,000 annually using PRAB water and wastewater treatment equipment. See more at prab.com.


Shibaura Machine Shibaura Machine

  • Shibaura Engineering Works was founded in 1875
  • Shibaura Machine Tool Co incorporated in 1938
  • Merged to become Toshiba Machine Company in 1961
  • Became independent entity in 2017
  • No impact to operations, customers, suppliers or stockholders
  • Shibaura Machine provides machines globally ranging from 135 to 4,000 US Tons
  • Goal: Supply the highest quality machinery and systems


  • Ace Precision International, LLC Seeks Project Manager 
    The Project Manager at Ace Precision International, LLC (Ace) is at the center activity for the products and services provided by Ace.  This position is at the crossroads of contact with both the customer and the manufacturing supplier.  Once Ace develops a customer, then the Project Manager assumes responsibility from the Sales Department for the new customer.  It is his/her assignment to bring new projects to production and to maintain the ongoing successful service to the customer.   
  • Deco Products in Decorah, IA - Multiple Positions Available

    Deco Products in Decorah, IA is hiring for the jobs listed.
    Die Cast Machine Operator Department Supervisor
    Die Cast Machine Maintenance Technician
    Die Cast Tool and Die Repair Technician
    Die Cast Machine Manager
    Maintenance Supervisor



    ELECAST www.elecastinc.com
    Clarks Summit, PA near Scranton since 1988 Profitable Zinc and Aluminum Die caster national/global customers real estate available.
    Proof of financing required.