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Godfrey & WingGodfrey & Wing
Vacuum Impregnation Technology

Godfrey & Wing designs and manufactures vacuum impregnation technology to seal porosity. Godfrey & Wing systems are engineered to maximize productivity, economize sealant usage, and conserve resources. With Godfrey & Wing, manufacturers can meet OEM requirements and ensure the quality of their components and the integrity of their bottom line.

PRAB Conveyors

PRAB Conveyors are proven to raise die change efficiency up to 60% by automating die casting scrap removal from point of production through load-out—limiting operator handling.

PRAB Conveyors are designed and built durable for long lasting life. As testament to this, PRAB still has conveyors operating in the field that were installed over 57 years ago.

  • Eliminate manual scrap handling
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase worker safety
  • Improve housekeeping
  • Decrease forklift traffic
See more at prab.com


Shibaura Machine Shibaura Machine

  • Shibaura Engineering Works was founded in 1875
  • Shibaura Machine Tool Co incorporated in 1938
  • Merged to become Toshiba Machine Company in 1961
  • Became independent entity in 2017
  • No impact to operations, customers, suppliers or stockholders
  • Shibaura Machine provides machines globally ranging from 135 to 4,000 US Tons
  • Goal: Supply the highest quality machinery and systems




  • Die Cast Process Engineer
    WSI are looking for an ambitious and experienced High Pressure Die Casting Engineer to be part of the team that develops a new casting facility comprising of two new 2500T Buhler Carat machines, StrikoWestofen melting and dosing furnaces, ABB robot extract and spray and associated peripherals.  
  • Die Cast Project/Tooling Engineer – Aluminum

    (Position located 40 minutes south of Minneapolis Metro area)
    Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates has been retained by a privately held supplier of injected molded parts, aluminum die cast and precision machined parts and prototypes to recruit for a Die Cast Project/Tooling Engineer.  


  • Fabrication Manufacturing Engineering Specialist - 2nd Shift

    Windom, MN -   Major Function: Support the Fabrication Department operation through monitoring and controlling process variables, implementing capitalized projects and upgrading methods and standards.