Workplace Safety Resources

Workplace safety is an important topic. The frequency and injury rates for the die casting industry are approximately twice those of other private industries. Personal injuries due to such as burns caused by molten metal, hot castings, hot oil and heat from die casting tooling; cuts and abrasions from castings and flash; slips and falls resulting from poor housekeeping, and sprains, strains and fractures that are the result either from work conditions or unsafe acts all contribute to the high rates.

A thorough understanding by personnel working in the die casting environment of the potential safety hazards associated with die casting and the promotion of safe work habits and practices as described in the programs offered by NADCA can help to reduce accidents, injury and their related costs and improve safety in die casting operations.

Available Resources

General Safety Book and Safety Orientation Program
The guide helps make individuals aware of the potential hazards present in the die casting environment and promotes safe work habits.

NADCA Machine Safety Standard
The NADCA Machine Safety Standard provides safety requirements to machine builders, repairers, and die casters for new and rebuilt high pressure die casting machines.

Safety Signage for Machines Digital Booklet
A comprehensive compilation of signs needed to warn of dangers and to promote safety for individuals working with and around die casting machines and ancillary equipment.

NADCA Safety Award Program  
Developed to honor Corporate Members that both exceed and meet the average U.S. national safety standards for all manufacturing in a given year. Applications open for Corporate Members February 1 each year.

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