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Design Assistance

Die castings are among the highest volume, mass-produced items manufactured by the metalcasting industry, and they can be found in thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Die cast parts are important components of products ranging from aircraft to toys. Die cast parts can be as basic as a door handle or as complex as a transmission housing. The Design Website was created as a resource for those looking to develop, design, and manufacture a die cast product. NADCA’s useful legacy design and purchasing resources are available through this website including: Video Modules; Product Specification Standards for Die Castings; Reverse Engineering Tool; Commercial Practices and Checklists; White Papers, Bulletins, and Case Studies; Die Caster Database and related Design Books and Software.

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Die Casting Capabilities Directory

The Die Casting Capabilities Directory is the answer to any OEM's need to find die casting companies in a quick and easy manner. The directory may be searched by location, metals poured, machines sizes and more. The directory lists NADCA Corporate Members  only. Any NADCA Corporate Member company can view/search/export the complete directory online for no additional cost, but the full directory is also available for non members to purchase.

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Die Casting Design Webinars

The NADCA Design Seminar goal is to provide the resources and knowledge needed to develop and design an optimized die cast product. After attending a seminar, attendees will be able to design or help develop a die cast product design that will be optimized both for its end use and for the die casting process. The steps presented are applicable to both new product concepts and upgrading of existing components. To learn when the next design webinar will be or to request one at a facility, contact: help@diecastingdesign.org.

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Industry White Papers

Industry White Papers are available to inform customers of the trends and practices in the die casting industry. White papers provide unbiased information on the advantages of die castings in North America. Recent topics include: Management Strategies for Metal Pricing in Die Casting and Comparing Magnesium Die Castings & Plastic Components.

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Technical Standards

The association is internationally known as a trusted source for providing technical standards to the die casting industry, and publishes Die Casting Pressure, SSM , Die Steel and Safety Standards.  These guidelines are prepared and published by NADCA, in collaboration with OEM engineers and dedicated die casting industry technical specialists that contribute to the development, research, organization and review process.