NADCA Research & Development Program

To support the vitality and growth of the die casting industry, NADCA maintains a vigorous research and development (R&D) program that explores new alloys and casting processes, manages a technical archive, and publishes industry standards.

The NADCA R&D program delivers die casting technological advancements that help the industry grow and better compete in the global marketplace. The program is led by the Technology Administration Group and three technical committees: The Die Materials Committee, The Research & Development Committee and the International Technical Council.

Program Objectives

Improving casting integrity and alloys

Increasing die life span

Improving quality and lead times through simulation

Implementing high integrity casting technology and energy conservation

Focus Areas

Die casting materials

Base material and coating for dies and inserts

Optimization of process parameters

Metal flow, die design, die deflection and property simulation

Energy conservation

Rapid tooling

Pollution prevention

Committee Minutes

View the meeting minutes for the R&D Committee and the Die Material Committee.

Meeting Minutes

2021 Strategic Plan & Roadmap

Overview of priority research projects and current results


Die Casting Industry Standards

Guidelines and standards for Die Casting Pressure, SSM, Die Steel and Safety. 


Technical Archives

Archive of all NADCA related research reports.  Free for NADCA members.