Die Casting Insights

America’s most fundamental industry, metal casting, continues to play a critical role in the success of U.S. manufacturing. Castings are used in 90% of all finished manufactured products. 

As an important segment of the larger metal casting industry, the die casting industry produces more than one-third of all metal castings. Today, there are over 300 die casting companies in the U.S. comprising over 400 individual die casting plants, which manufacture thousands of non-ferrous castings: from automobile engine and transmission parts to intricate components for computers and medical devices.

Die casting is a cutting-edge manufacturing process that utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies, metal science and chemistry to develop parts. As industries evolve and need to meet customer and regulatory demands, die casting has research and delivered innovative solutions including light weighting and high-strength alternatives.

 In the United States, die casters contribute over $8 billion to the nation’s economy annually and provide over 50,000 jobs directly and indirectly.

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