Benchmarking and Data

The pulse of the industry is important to follow, understand and forecast, so NADCA continuously collects statistics and provides the results through different means.  

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Executive Surveys

NADCA conducts Executive Surveys that ask segments of the industry specific questions. The results are extensive in that they may include responses from suppliers as well as die casters. Those that participate receive a summarized report and occasionally the results are used on NADCA's online News & Information page.  Surveys range in topic from holiday pay, to alloys poured, to die maintenance.

Quarterly Barometer

NADCA collects data from its members in areas such as capacity use and shipment data. Tracking business trends in the industry across North America provides the ability to forecast future shipments in specific markets and overall. Data collected is shared with all participants. I

State of the Industry

NADCA’s State of the Industry report is published annually in Die Casting Engineer magazine and via live webinars and chapter presentations. The report contains information on industry financials, benchmarks and market trends. In addition it provides information on energy and metal forecasts as well as the industry shipment forecast for the following year. Industry productivity and technology trends are also addressed.

Wage and Benefit

The NADCA Annual Wage and Fringe Benefit Survey is specifically designed for the die casting industry. This survey represents on average 50+ companies in the die casting industry nationwide with detailed summaries for direct labor employees. In addition, the survey includes wage rates for 13 key direct labor employees, analysis of insurance coverage, determining compensation standards and selecting fringe benefit plans and insurance. Companies that participate are eligible to receive a complimentary or low cost copy of the Wages & Benefits report covering multiple manufacturing processes by region. Reports may be purchased in the NADCA Marketplace.