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NADCA offers comprehensive educational opportunities in a variety of formats for workforce training and business improvement. Check out the calendar below for an updated course and webinar schedule:

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  • July 5 2022
    Mechanical Properties for Aluminum - Effect of Composition 07/05/2022 - Document handbook mechanical properties - Describe the impact of chemical composition on properties - Discuss the change in die cast mechanical properties over time - Show the impact of porosity and defects on mechanical properties of die castings - Impact of section thickness on mechanical properties - Impact of changing composition within the specification range for alloy 380 Add to Calendar
  • July 6 2022
    Mechanical Properties for AluminumÊ- Low Iron and Heat Treat 07/06/2022 - Properties of low-iron, strontium-modified aluminum die castings - Heat treated properties of conventional aluminum die castings - Heat treated properties of low-iron aluminum die castings - Mechanical properties of cast-to-size samples versus samples cut from actual die castings Add to Calendar
  • July 11 2022
    Surface Defects Part I 07/11/2022 This course opens with defect tracking and then discusses various factors that can contribute to poor surface conditions. Add to Calendar
  • July 12 2022
    Surface Defects Part II 07/12/2022 This course completes the discussion of surface defects by completing the list of factors that can contribute to poor surface finish. Laminations and their causes and corrective measures are also addressed. Add to Calendar
  • July 14 2022
    Setting the Stage: Industry 4.0 Roadmap and Lessons Learned 07/14/2022
    • Understanding of why Industry 4.0 is happening and the Business Case driving it
    • Understanding the elements of a successful Industry 4.0 transition: People, Process & Technology
    • Evaluating your Digital Maturity Index (DMI)
    • Digital Transformation Pillars including Plant Connectivity, Data Collection and Metrics, Manufacturing Execution, and Advanced Analytics
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  • July 18 2022
    Gas Porosity 07/18/2022 This course describes how to identify gas porosity, discusses the sources and causes of gas porosity and provides corrective measures to minimize gas porosity. Add to Calendar
  • July 19 2022
    Shrinkage Porosity 07/19/2022 This course describes how to identify shrinkage porosity, discusses the causes, provides corrective measures to minimize shrinkage porosity. Add to Calendar
  • July 21 2022
    Technology and Use Cases for Zero-Downtime, Zero-Defects Man 07/21/2022
  • Presenting The Business Case around Industrial IoT and Predictive Analytics
  • What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and how it can be applied in Manufacturing
  • Use Cases in Predictive Maintenance, including Industrial Robots, Machine Tools, and Ancillary Equipment
  • Use Cases in Predictive Quality, including Casting Processes
  • Presenting a Systematic Approach to Thing Big, Start Small, and Gain ROI with A.I.
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  • July 25 2022
    Inclusions, Leakers and Cracks 07/25/2022 This course discusses various types of inclusions and corrective measures to minimize inclusions. In addition, causes of leakers and corrective measures are presented. Lastly, the various causes of cracks in die castings are discussed. Add to Calendar
  • July 26 2022
    Flash, Solder, and Other Defects 07/26/2022 This course is focused on the causes and corrective measures related to a number of defects including: blisters, sinks, solder, flash, erosion, out-gassing, and cold flakes. Add to Calendar
  • July 28 2022
    The Digital Transformation Journey: Industry Case Studies 07/28/2022
  • Benchmark your Digital Transformation Journey with real-world case studies from the casting and machining industry
  • Discuss the ROI value proposition and business case justification
  • Offer the audience best practice advice on “what have we learned” and “what can we improve” during the digital journey
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  • August 2 2022
    Die Casting Process, Die, and Die Casting Machine 08/02/2022 This course will address both hot and cold chamber die casting processes and the terminology associated with die casting. The die casting process relies on a steel mold to hold the shape of the metal. In this section the components of the die will be reviewed. In addition, the die cast machine system will be explored. Add to Calendar
  • August 3 2022
    Closing the Die and Injecting the Metal 08/03/2022 This course will address the hydraulics and mechanisms used to close the die casting machine and keep it closed during injection. Once the machine is closed the shot end of the machine will inject the molten metal into the cavity. The systems for injecting the metal; along with the requirements will be discussed. Add to Calendar
  • August 4 2022
    Controls, Setup and SMED 08/04/2022 This course will address the controls for operating the die casting machine. It will also review the process for setting up the die and machine. In addition, the Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) process will be taught. Add to Calendar
  • August 9 2022
    Startup/Shutdown Procedures, and Normal Operation 08/09/2022 This course will address the general procedures for starting up and shutting down a die. It will also review what to do, and be aware of, to ensure the normal operation of the die continues. Add to Calendar
  • August 10 2022
    Eliminating Casting Defects 08/10/2022 This course will address the defects found in high pressure die casting and what can be done to eliminate these defects from an operator's point of view. Add to Calendar
  • August 11 2022
    Safety 08/11/2022 This course will address safety concerns for operators in die casting environments. Environmental hazards, PPE, and hazard communication will be reviewed. Add to Calendar