Die Casting Data and White Papers

To help die casters and their customers informed on the current state of the industry and key trends and best practices NADCA has compiled a host of easy-to-access resources.

White Papers Topics

  • Management Strategies for Metal Pricing in Die Casting
  • Comparing Magnesium Die Castings and Plastic Components
  • Technologies and Strategies for Longer Lasting Die Casting Dies
  • For Efficient Manufacturing, Look to Die Casting
  • Management Strategies for Metal Pricing in Die Casting 
  • Short Run Tooling Requirements 
  • Die Casting's Advantage's over Plastic Components
  • Collaborative Engineering Reduces Costs Improves Production Efficiency
  • Five Steps to Improving Die Performance
  • Die Casting Industry's Environmental Challenges, Responsibilities and Results
  • Avoiding Zinc Contaminants - the Key to Successful Die Casting 
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Industry Data – World Casting Statistics

Die casting industry data and information from around the globe compiled specifically for NADCA’s Corporate Members

Industry Reports

Regional Reports