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Because safety is so important for this industry, NADCA annually recognizes Corporate Members who place a strong emphasis on their employee's safety and well-being. Companies may be eligible to win in three areas - Perfect Safety Record, Outstanding Safety Record, NADCA Progress Award for Safety Improvements based on their DART. To calculate your DART: Total number of cases with days away from work (H on OSHA 300a log) + Total number of cases with job transfer or restriction (I on OSHA 300a log) X200000 / # OF HOURS WORKED.

Below is the criteria that needs to be met, to qualify for a safety award.

  • Perfect = Winners will need to show a DART (Days Away; Restricted; Transferred) = 0. 
  • Outstanding = Winners will need to show a DART of 2.0 or less. This statistic is based on 2022’s “All Manufacturing Industries” average of total recordable cases. The DART for nonferrous metal die casting foundries is 2.4, so we recognize company's that are better than average.
  • Improved = Plant safety DART improved by 25% or more from the prior year. Companies must include their past two year’s OSHA logs to be considered for this award.
A copy of the company’s OSHA 300a log is required to be submitted with each application, to be eligible for an award.

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