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A list of courses offered by NADCA in chronological order.

Course Descriptions
A list of courses taught at NADCA and in-plant classes. Click on each course to view the description containing information regarding textbooks, materials used and other.

Certification Program
A complete text featuring what steps are necessary to attain Certification from NADCA. Course electives and requirements are listed.

Biographies and photographs of individuals who instruct NADCA's courses and in-plant conferences. An excellent introduction to the caliber of people NADCA utilizes for its education programs.

Local Courses
There are NADCA education and training chapters located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Chapters are an extension of NADCA's education and training, and most offer selected NADCA national courses and programs locally . . . thus, expanding the technology transfer opportunities for every die caster. Chapters also offer a range of other technological and operational education programs specifically selected and tailored to the needs of die casters and suppliers in their chapter areas.

In-Plant Programs
All NADCA programs, courses and installations can be brought to the worksite for presentation. The cost in savings and scheduling advantages can be substantial!

In-House Programs
NADCA is now offering the "In-House Training Program for Operators and Technicians!" The In-House approach responds to the need of die casters to have control of the schedule, content and cost of training. It is a multi-module program that is highly cost-effective.

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  • October 22 2019
    National Courses 10/22/2019 National Courses run from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Course registration fee includes breakfast, luch and course materials. If you have any dietary restrictions please contact Melisa Ryzner, CMP at
    NADCA Offices are located in the 100 wing on the North East side of the buidling.
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  • January 22 2020
    Energy Efficiency of Induction Melting Systems for On-Demand 01/22/2020 Induction melting systems specially designed for On-Demand Melting applications are a subset of commercially available induction furnaces. Although their working principle is the same, on demand melting systems are designed to produce small quantities matched with the immediate demand of the die casting machine. One of the implications of achieving high melting rates with an induction furnace is the risk of incurring in higher energy loses due to the higher power needed to achieve rapid melting. Thus, monitoring energy efficiency is key to developing successful on demand melting systems based on induction melting technologies. This study presents an analysis on the main factors influencing the energy efficiency of induction coils such as energy loss through the cooling fluid, load size, tuning of the resonant circuit, and frequency. An experimental setup was developed to measure water flow, voltage, temperature, and energy consumption. These measurements were later utilized to perform Add to Calendar