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  • April 23 2024
    Innovations in Thermal Management for Mega-/Giga- Castings 04/23/2024 Mega-/Giga-castings are increasingly used by various OEMs. Besides their size, the complexity of both the castings and the dies is huge. Energy efficient thermal management of such large casting dies is of vital importance for best flow lengths and feeding paths in parts with varying thicknesses. Sophisticated solutions are required for die thermal management and die thermal control units (TCUs) • optimizing heating-cooling as well as die life at the same time. After 19 successful installation of thermal management solutions for Giga-presses, IECI will present 3 different scenarios for TCUs: (1) Conventional TCUs, (2) Solutions for large castings (MEGATHERMO) and (3) solutions for ultra-large (Mega-/Giga-castings - GIGATHERMO). All of them are managed by smart manifolds controlled with valves and a distribution tower designed for each project, optimizing the connections design. Monitoring and controlling everything is key as well, so this webinar will also explain sensors & monitoring Add to Calendar