Management Program

Training blocks were developed exclusively for Corporate Members and provides access to bulk training.  Purchasing the Management Program provides company-wide access for an unlimited amount of time for one year. For a nominal fee, a company can add employee-specific logins to track the progress of
individuals. Management course work details below.

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Cost: $500

Total Hours
CourseTotal Hours
Casting a Better Bottom Line With the R&D Tax Credit1
Combustible Dust1
Conflict Minerals and the Die Casting Industry Supply Chain1
Cost Based Operating Information Systems:Estimating and Pricing1
Cost Management: Cost Cell System1
Cost Management: Process Routing System1
Cost Management: Resource Loading1
Cost Management: Scheduling1
Current Situation for European Die Casters1
Developing a Business Continuity Program1
Die Casting Safety Part 1 - Spanish1
Die Casting Safety Part 2 - Spanish1
Die Casting Safety Part 3 - Spanish1
DOT Requirements for Dross Shipment1
Energy in Die Casting1
Fundamental Steps for Prevention of a Fire Incident course1
Greenhouse Gas1
How Communications Can Improve Safety in the Die Casting1
I-9 Form • Completion, Verification and Requirement to Avoid1
Improving the Visual Inspection Process1
Introduction to Arc Flash1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: An Overview of Lean Manufacturing Core Principles and Lean Systems1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: Institutional & Enterprise Implementation Strategies, Tactics and Execution Standards1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: Lean Elements, Concepts, Applications, Processes and Organizational Change Strategies1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: Lean Implementation Team Development and Organization, Lean Enterprise Launch Considerations1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: Visual Management, Workplace Organization, Error Proofing and Quick Changeover1
Lean Systems Thinking for Manufacturing Operations: Waste Identification & Reduction, Total Productive Maintenance, Standard Work and Internal and External Operational Relationships1
Model Warranty, Recall and Indemnification Terms1
NADCA 2014 Benchmarking Survey: Business and Finance1
NADCA 2014 Benchmarking Survey: Engineering1
NADCA 2014 Benchmarking Survey: Operations1
New Trends in Die Casting Technology in Europe1
OSHA: Common Citations and How to Avoid Them1
OSHA: Controlling Noise in a Die Cast Shop1
OSHA: Guidelines for Preparing an Incident Investigation Reporting1
OSHA: Hazard Communication Training to Meet New Regulations1
OSHA: Machine Guarding1
OSHA: Post-Citation Strategies1
OSHA: When OSHA Knocks1
Recoverable Energy Projects Your Utility May Pay For1
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act1
State of the Industry1
The Market for Aluminum Alloys in North America1
The Structural Process - An Interesting Growing Market1