Training Blocks

NADCA’s online training blocks are only available to Corporate Members. Each block focuses on a different area of expertise (basic operations, advanced engineering, or management) which offers the flexibility to choose relevant content based on each employee’s job function. Cumulatively, all three blocks offer more than 335 hours of online training. The base subscription offers one login that can be used by multiple people, in multiple locations, at the same time. If a user wishes to track their course history, test their knowledge, and receive certificates for completion, additional one-user only accounts can be added on. Companies can also choose to add on an administrative account, where they can track the use and accomplishments of all their employees that have individual user accounts.

Blocks are a year-long subscription and must be paid in full to be activated. The Operator Training blocks costs $1,000 for a full year subscription, Engineering is $2,000, and Management is $500.

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