Membership Opportunities

Why become a NADCA member? NADCA is solely dedicated to the die casting industry, providing members with access to resources and a network of die casting peers that help solve technical, operational and business challenges. And if that’s not enough, how about: 



A comprehensive selection of educational opportunities in a variety of formats that focus on workforce training and business improvement.

ResearchResearch & Development.

A vigorous program that explores new materials and casting processes and manages a comprehensive technical archive.

NetworkingNetworking and Collaboration.

A dynamic environment where peers can network and collaborate – learning from each other and sharing valuable best practices. 


Having a reputable voice for the industry, educating audiences – government, OEMs, academia – on the importance and benefits of die casting.

DataBenchmarking and Data.

Facilitating continuous improvement through surveys and market studies to identify best practices, key trends and process and performance benchmarking.

OEM ResourcesOEM Resources.

Converting or creating a die cast part? NADCA Design points you to the right suppliers, support materials, engineering consults or even a custom value-analysis seminar. 

Membership Levels

Corporate Membership

For any entity (company, partnership, etc.) with a physical presence in North America that is engaged in the manufacturing, design or purchasing of die castings; a supplier to die casting manufacturers; or a manufacturer’s representative or professional consultant working with a NADCA Corporate Member.

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Individual Membership

For individuals participating in or affiliated with the die casting industry.

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Student Membership

For high school or college students in North America.

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Membership Plus

An upgrade for North American-based NADCA members, Membership Plus provides access to engineering tools, software and an online community for business and operational information and resources.

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NADCA Chapters

NADCA's regional Chapters are independently led by volunteers within the die casting industry. In addition to being the regional hub for the die casting industry, the Chapters provide educational and networking opportunities through meetings and events. 

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NADCA Membership Comparison At-a-Glance

Individual Corporate Non-Member
  Education   Live Webinars 15% Savings 40% Savings
  Online Training Blocks
  Online Courses X X
  Technical Workshop Discounted Discounted  Full Price
  National Courses 15% Savings 25% Savings  
  In-Plant Programs No Savings 60% Savings  
  In-House Programs No Savings 25% Savings  
  Networking   Conference & Workshops Discounted Discounted  
  International Congress and Exposition Discounted Discounted Full Price
  Committees X X  
  Access to Intern Database Priority Access  
  Technical Resources   Publications & Software 25% Savings 50% Savings  
  Technical Archive X X Paid Service
  Safety Standards X X Paid Service
  Technical Phone Support Limited X Not Eligible
  Communication   NADCA Update eNewsletter X X X
  Die Casting Engineer Magazine X X Paid Subscription
  Sales/Management Presentations   X  
  Marketing for Die Casters   OEM Lead Database   X  
  Die Casters Online Search X X X
  Die Casting Directory Listing X X Not Eligible
  Marketing for Suppliers   Supplier Directory Listing X X Not Eligible
  Print Advertising Paid Service 10% Savings Paid Service
  Online Advertising Paid Service 25% Savings Paid Service
  Design   Design Assistance
  Design Standards 25% Savings 50% Savings
  Design Seminars X X X
  Consultation on Conversions to Die Cast Components   X  
  Survey/Statistics   State of the Industry X X  
  Executive Surveys   X
  Wage and Benefit 25% Savings 50% Savings  
  Operational Costs 25% Savings 50% Savings  
  Shipment Data X X  
  Financial Survey X X  
  Benchmarking Survey X X  
  Washington Affairs   Industry Issues & Representation X X X
  Research   In-Plant Trials X  
  Input & Access to New Information and Research X X