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Key Membership Plus Benefits

Online Engineering Calculators - Developed to assist the die casting community with the calculation of complex equations often used in the industry. Available online engineering calculators include the PQ2 and Gate Calculation, CastView, and Greenhouse Gas Calculator.

Exclusive Applications

Gate Calculation Application - Calculates the geometry for straight fan gates, curved fan gates, and tangent gates. These are common geometries used to create a smooth transition from the main runner system to a die cavity ingate. Project files can be quickly downloaded and exported in comma delimited files and imported directly into Excel. Please note that the Gating App does not aid in the determination of the dimensions of the gate, a task best performed with a PQ2 Analysis.

The Gate Calculation App can be used to create the geometry for gates in several situations:

  • A single gate with no additional information about the cavity.
  • One or more gates feeding a single die cavity.
  • Multi-cavity die situations with varying numbers and types of gates in each cavity.

- The PQ2 program assists die casters, die builders and part designers to optimally match the casting, machine and process based on design requirements. The program calculates the relationships between gate area, plunger diameter, machine power, hydraulic pressure, atomized flow and cavity fill rate. This matches the gate area to the part quality requirements and selects a machine and plunger that creates an operating window as large as possible and consistent with quality requirements. The minimum machine power necessary to maximize the operating window is determined from basic part requirements and the optimal plunger range is determined for a specified machine. Tools are also provided to select a nominal operating point that “centers” the process, placing the operating point near the center of the operating window. The operating point selection tools work whether the machine and plunger are selected based on the optimization.

Greenhouse Gas Calculator - Determine the carbon footprint of a die casting facility by inputting the amount of energy used. Use this information to determine if the facility needs to report greenhouse gas emissions and where greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced. Multiple facilities can be compared using carbon dioxide equivalence per pounds of product shipped.

Downloadable Software - 316-CD Castview Visualization Software

Downloadable NADCA Publications - Download NADCA publications (updated quarterly) for your electronic library! Currently available:

  • E908 - Die Casting Safety
  • 692 - Die Casting Environmental Management Manual

Exclusive Quarterly Technical Webinars – Exclusive access to quarterly technical webinars focus on critical die casting technologies. Unlike other NADCA webinars, copies of the technical webinar slides and recordings are archived. This allows all Plus members to revisit all previous webinars at any time. 

To find out what the next webinar hosted exclusively for this area will be, please contact the webinar coordinator. Previous webinars include:

  • Thermal Engineering Part 1- Calculating the heat balance of a die casting die for better thermal control.
  • Thermal Engineering Part 2 - Calculating the shot sleeve heat balance for enhanced life.
  • Understanding the improved fill time calculations and introducing fluidity predictions.
  • Predicting the Fill Length
  • Laser Microwelding and Additive Manufacturing Methods for Die Repair


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