Education at the Chapter Level

How do I schedule a Chapter course?

All Chapter courses are to be scheduled through the NADCA Education Department. A Chapter can host any NADCA course listed in the Education Guidebook. Chapters wishing to host a course must provide the Education Coordinator with a proposed date. NADCA must be notified at least four weeks prior to the date of the course. Courses are subject to instructor availability.

What do I need to do after scheduling?

Course materials will be sent to the Chapter contact one week prior to the start of the course. The Chapter contact is then responsible for getting the materials to the course site. Usually, the instructor’s materials are sent with the student materials. Once the instructor arrives at the course site, be sure he gets the instructor notebook or CD, the student exams and the course evaluations. Students ARE NOT to get the exams until the instructor hands them out at the end of the course.

What/how do I charge for a course?

Course prices are at the Chapter’s discretion. Chapters are free to charge what they feel is a reasonable price for courses.

Is there anything that needs to be done after the course is held?

Once the course is completed, the Chapter is responsible for returning all unused materials to NADCA. The materials must be postmarked within five days from the conclusion of the course. All unused material must be returned in good condition. Any unused material not received at NADCA within 10 business days of the conclusion of the class will be billed to the Chapter. Completed exams must be received by NADCA within 10 business days from the conclusion of the course. Any completed exams not received at NADCA within 10 business days from the conclusion of the course may be refused for grading and certification. The chapter will be billed for the course within three weeks after the course conclusion.

What are the costs?

Costs for a NADCA course:
Course fee: $1200 per day
Instructor travel: usually between $500-$1000
Materials: $20-$100 per student (depending on the course)

The materials cost includes all the texts and handouts for the students, the exam and the exam processing fee.

What if I need to cancel a course?

If a Chapter wishes to cancel a scheduled course, the Education Department must be notified at least 10 business days in advance. If a course is canceled by a Chapter less than 10 business days prior to the start of the course, the Chapter will be responsible for ALL costs incurred by NADCA and the instructor.

Can courses offered through a NADCA Chapter count toward NADCA Certification?

Absolutely. Any NADCA course properly scheduled through NADCA Headquarters may be applied toward certification. Many Chapters schedule courses in accordance with a plan for certification they developed.

Is testing upon completion of a course required?

Testing is only required if the student is pursuing a certification level or may decide to do so in the future. NADCA maintains a database of test scores for every course individuals take for certification purposes. If the course is being taken for education and information, taking a test is not required.

Can the Chapter select the instructor for a course?

Within reason, yes! All instructors for NADCA courses are approved by NADCA. If the selection is for an instructor who is not a NADCA instructor, the instructor will need to be approved or cannot be used. If the instructor selected is an approved NADCA instructor but not for the course being requested, an assessment will need to be made as to whether the instructor can conduct the course. If the instructor selected is NADCA approved for the course being requested, there is no problem other than a potential decrease in course date flexibility.