Melting and Handling Job Function Kit

Cost: $400

Total Hours

Included Courses:

The Impact of Externally Solidified Product (ESP)1English
Aluminum Alloys: Alloys (Series Part 1 of 3)1English
Inclusions: Causes of Inclusions (Series Part 1 of 2)1English
Inclusions: Dross Procedures and Removal (Series Part 2 of 2)1English
DOT Requirements for Dross Shipment1English
Combustible Dust1English
Alloy Effects, Phase Diagrams, Microstructure (Series Part 1 of 3)1English
Impurities and Melt Treatment (Series Part 2 of 3)1English
Refractories: How Do you Decide what Refractory to Use? (Series Part 1 of 2)1English
Refractories: Dealing with High Refractory Maintenance Issues in your Furnaces (Series Part 2 of 2)1English
Introduction to Die Casting: Die Casting Introduction1English
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Machines & Dies1English
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Alloys & Fundamental1English
Reducing Externally Solidified Products-Essential for Structural Die Castings1English
Safety: Basic Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Machine Maintenance Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Electrical Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Managing Safety in Die Casting1English
High Integrity Die Casting: Melting, Melt Treatment, and Transfer for High Integrity Die Casting1English
Understanding Melting Loss1English
Melt Degassing and Best Practices for Die Casting1English
Metal Melting & Handling Part 1 - Spanish1Spanish
Metal Melting & Handling Part 2 - Spanish1Spanish

NADCA suggests the following instructor led courses to supplement the above training:

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