Course and Webinar Schedule

NADCA offers comprehensive educational opportunities in a variety of formats for workforce training and business improvement. Check out the calendar below for an updated course and webinar schedule:

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  • August 9 2022
    Startup/Shutdown Procedures, and Normal Operation 08/09/2022 This course will address the general procedures for starting up and shutting down a die. It will also review what to do, and be aware of, to ensure the normal operation of the die continues. Add to Calendar
  • August 10 2022
    Eliminating Casting Defects 08/10/2022 This course will address the defects found in high pressure die casting and what can be done to eliminate these defects from an operator's point of view. Add to Calendar
  • August 11 2022
    Safety 08/11/2022 This course will address safety concerns for operators in die casting environments. Environmental hazards, PPE, and hazard communication will be reviewed. Add to Calendar
  • August 12 2022
    The Digital Transformation Journey: Industry Case Studies 08/12/2022
    • Benchmark your Digital Transformation Journey with real-world case studies from the casting and machining industry
    • Discuss the ROI value proposition and business case justification
    • Offer the audience best practice advice on “what have we learned” and “what can we improve” during the digital journey
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