Casting Alloys Job Function Kit

Cost: $800

Total Hours

Included Courses

Advanced Operator Training: Becoming Familiar with Casting Alloys and Their Properties1English
Structural Die Casting1English
Aluminum Alloys: Alloys (Series Part 1 of 3)1English
Aluminum Alloys: Performance of Alloys (Series Part 2 of 3)1English
Aluminum Alloys: Enabling Tools for Alloy Development - case studies (Series Part 3 of 3)1English
Inclusions: Causes of Inclusions (Series Part 1 of 2)1English
Inclusions: Dross Procedures and Removal (Series Part 2 of 2)1English
Reduce Die Soldering in Die Casting1English
The High Fluidity (HF) Zinc Alloy: Process-Property and Ageing Characteristics Down to 0.4mm (0.016") Section Thickness1English
Creep Resistant Magnesium Alloys1English
Understanding Mechanical Property Variations in Die Castings1English
Alloy Effects, Phase Diagrams, Microstructure (Series Part 1 of 3)1English
Impurities and Melt Treatment (Series Part 2 of 3)1English
Analytical Techniques to Assess Melt and Cast Quality, Alternative Processes (Series Part 3 of 3)1English
Semi-Solid Die Casting1English
Zinc Die Casting: Advantages, Properties and Alloys (Series Part 1 of 2)1English
Magnesium Die Casting: Introduction to Magnesium Die Casting1English
Introduction to Die Casting: Die Casting Introduction1English
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Machines & Dies1English
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Alloys & Fundamental1English
T6 Heat Treating of Strontium Modified, Low-Iron Conventional Die Castings1English
Safety: Basic Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Machine Maintenance Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Electrical Safety in Die Casting1English
Safety: Managing Safety in Die Casting1English
High Integrity Die Casting: Alloys for High Integrity Die Casting1English