David Laine Intern & Scholarship Program

Established in 1975 in tribute to David Laine, who served as secretary of the American Die Casting Institute, one of the organizations that combined to form NADCA. He was instrumental in the advancements to the die casting industry.

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The undergraduate scholarship is for students who have worked at a die casting company or supplier and meet the following criteria:
  • A full-time, undergraduate student with a focus on expertise required for the die casting industry.
  • A citizen of the U.S., Canada or Mexico
  • In the past 12 months has had a minimum of three months of work experience in the die casting industry

Application Process

Interested students can apply Aug. 1 through Oct. 1 each year.  To apply:

  • Complete and submit the application form below and as attachments, include:
    • Proof of citizenship (copy of state ID or birth certificate or passport)
    • Letter of employment verification and support from work supervisor 
    • Letter of support from advising professor
    • A paper, suitable for NADCA publication, detailing activities and results from working in the die casting industry
      • Work in the industry must have been within the past 12 months
      • Although there is no specified minimum number of pages, for increasing the
        chance of a higher award, it is suggested that the paper be at least two pages.
      • Consider a title, introduction, body, and conclusion section. Graphics and
        photographs may be utilized, and if length warrants, provide a table of contents.
      • Redacted examples of papers (Example 1 and Example 2)
    • Incomplete applications may be cause for rejection.