Participate in the 2022 Manufacturing and Wage and Benefit Survey – North American Die Casters Only

The NADCA annual manufacturing benchmarking and wage and benefit survey is open, and we encourage all our die caster members to participate! It is NADCA’s goal to provide resources to help members solve technical, operational, and business challenges, which is why we are committed to collecting and sharing data that can benefit your business.
By completing the 2022 Manufacturing Benchmarking and Wage & Benefits surveys you contribute to our efforts in strengthen the industry and individual member companies. By participating in the Benchmarking study, membership will have access to:
Current performance metrics for the industry (throughput, capacity, profitability, investments, etc.)
Key issues impacting die casters
Characteristics of manufacturing top performers
Personalized benchmarking analysis of your company vs your peers
Insight and information that will help inform future strategies
By participating in the Wage & Benefits study, membership will have access to:
Wage rates for various job functions
Insurance coverage data
Vacation and paid time off data
Retirement, bonus, profit sharing type information 
We can assure you that your company information will only be shared on an aggregate basis; no company-specific information will be shared. We hope that you will consider completing these surveys providing your company data. Companies filling-out the surveys in their entirety will receive a free copy of the respective reports! 

North American Die Casters Only 
Access 2022 NADCA Manufacturing Survey at:
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