The NADCA Certification Program is a defined curriculum that serves as an independent verification of assessed knowledge. Upon completion of the course requirements, participants will receive a certificate, not a license, for a specific level.

This is a recognition of proficiency and knowledge gained through educational programs and practiced through application. Each candidate is required to pass the specified examinations and fulfill the minimum apprenticeship period to become certified. Certification is effective for three years. Maintenance of certification or re-certification is as described under general procedures and issues.

The NADCA Certification Program is divided into three levels.

Level I - Certified Die Casting Technician

To obtain Level I Certification candidates must complete one of the Job Function Kits or complete equivalent courses via the Operator Training Programming Block. These courses can be completed online, in person or a combination of both. Each Level I category has a mandatory exam that must be passed to obtain certification. No electives are required. Level I Certification is a pre-requisite for each of the Level II Certifications.

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Level II - Tooling

Certification intended for those looking to gain knowledge in tooling, dimensional control and related aspects of die design. Participants will learn proven techniques for simple and sophisticated die design and manufacturing. This category consists of the following mandatory courses.

Required Job Function Kits

  • Casting Design
  • Die Care and Maintenance
  • Tool Design


Required Instructor Led Courses
  • EC-211: Dimensional Repeatability
  • EC-415: Thermal Design and Control
  • EC-501: Die Material Metallurgy & Extending Die Life
  • EC-506: Engineering Die Casting Dies
  • EC-514: Gating Design
  • EC-606: Product Design


Level II - Maintenance

The Maintenance Certification covers the machine aspects of die casting and is aimed specifically at maintenance and set-up personnel. Candidates learn how to reduce machine downtime and to improve process capability. Note: Level I courses cannot be chosen as electives.


Required Instructor Led Courses


Required Instructor Led Courses
  • EC-406: Machine Maintenance: Hydraulics
  • EC-407: Mechanical and Machine: Mechanics
  • EC-408/9: Machine Maintenance: Electricity
  • EC-410: Process Control
  • EC-420: Machine Systems
  • 3 Electives

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Level II - Process

The Process Certification is intended for those who are involved with the die casting process, automation and related aspects of the product and its manufacture. The program provides participants the tools to solve problems and be able to fully control and improve the production process. This category consists of the following mandatory courses.

Required Instructor Led Courses


Required Instructor Led Courses
  • EC-305: Metallurgy of Aluminum Die Casting Alloys
  • EC-407: Machine Maintenance: Mechanics
  • EC-410: Process Control
  • EC-411: Die Casting Lubricants and Coolants
  • EC-415: Thermal Design and Control
  • EC-515: Die Casting Defects
  • EC-420: Machine Systems


Level III - Master of Die Casting Technology

The Master of Die Casting Technology is the highest educational honor of the die casting industry. The advanced level certification encompasses all aspects of the die casting operation, from customer requirements to final shipping. To qualify as a Master of Die Casting Technology, the candidate must have achieved all three Level II Certifications.

The examination process has been established to determine eligibility. A total of 22 different courses, all 18 Job Function Kits (or in combination) and three years of related experience are required for the Master of Die Casting Technology certification.


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General Procedures and Issues

  • The NADCA Education Committee is responsible for all aspects of control and regulation of the certification program.
  • The NADCA Headquarters’ Education office will maintain accurate and confidential records of courses attended, examination score results, and all other pertinent data.
  • Online testing results are automatically computed and provided on screen and via e-mail. Simultaneously, the test grade will be e-mailed to NADCA and included in NADCA's records. 
  • Course certificates of completion are provided automatically to candidates in the online education system.  Course certificates of completion for instructor led courses are emailed within one week of the course.
  • Certification Level certificates are emailed within one week of the level competition and passing exam grade.
  • Names of Certified individuals will be published in Die Casting Engineer Magazine. If a candidate chooses to opt out of this please notify NADCA.
  • Appeals should be made in writing to the Chairperson of the NADCA Education Committee or NADCA's Headquarters Education Department.
  • Certification is effective for three years from the date of issuance of the Certificate. In order to maintain certification, individuals must provide proof of continuing education through attendance at NADCA courses, college courses, adult education courses, webinars or technical sessions at the NADCA Die Casting Congress & Exposition/Tabletop or Chapter meetings. Individuals must have attended a minimum of two courses or nine technical sessions within the three years of their certification.
  • Individuals, such as management and sales personnel, who do not have an opportunity to participate in a hands-on fashion via an apprenticeship program or on-the-job-training and thus, cannot fulfill the requirements for standard certification, can receive an Associate Certification for any level upon successful completion of the examinations required for the applicable level.
  • The certification requirements and procedures may be changed at any time without any written or previous notice to the candidates. The most recent changes and corrections will apply in all classes.