Meetings & Conferences

NADCA provides its members with many opportunities to discuss significant issues with their peers. All management levels will benefit from annual events such as the Die Casting Congress & Tabletop, die casting's pre-eminent venues for presentations and discussions of industry technology and management issues.  Every three years the Congress includes the world's largest Exposition of die casting technology at the 2021 Die Casting Congress & Exposition.  

In other annual conferences, top management has the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues with their peers at the annual Executive Conference and Plant Management Conference. These conferences provide discussion forums for personnel in specialized areas.  NADCA also offers periodic workshops, seminars and regional group/chapter meetings.

In its continuing education and technology transfer efforts, NADCA has made available a number of webinars to provide additional opportunities for individuals to obtain information. These hour long presentations typically run every week and cover topics such as Safety, Results of Surveys and Studies, Various Processes, Economic Industry Data, Energy Conservation Efforts, NADCA R&D Research Results and New Technologies.

Attending a webinar is an excellent way to obtain vital information without the hassle or cost of travel. The upcoming webinar offerings are available to purchase through our marketplace. If you miss a live offering of a webinar, don't worry! After the live webinar is given it is converted to an online course that is available through our online education system.

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