Controlling Energy and Raw Material Costs and Availability

Manufacturers Need Reliable and Cost-Effective Energy Solutions and Investments

Die casting manufacturers are among the largest consumers of energy in the United States. Not only do they directly face rising prices, but when production costs increase for their suppliers and customers, these smaller businesses feel the pressure and are the ones who pay the greatest price. Especially when it comes to raw material pricing and availability, which is already under threat due to pending government import taxes.

NADCA encourages policymakers in Washington and around the country to overhaul our nation’s regulations and develop all of America’s vast energy resources—traditional, unconventional, and alternative. This also includes investing in innovative research and development in America’s die casters. NADCA members work with the Departments of Defense and Energy and consortia, universities, and research institutions across the country to develop the latest techniques and technologies. Advanced manufacturers, including many NADCA members, are designing and producing the parts and products needed for sectors throughout the economy, including national security.

To help foster a domestic environment that encourages research, development, and an improved manufacturing environment, NADCA works with policymakers on the following issues, among many others to support the industry:

  • Facility and manufactured product energy efficiency
  • Research and Development resources for material strength, efficiency
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)