Awards - Past Winners

Austin T. Lillegren Award: Presented to members in recognition of loyal and extraordinary service, this award was established in 1960 in memory of Austin T. Lillegren, whose devotion and leadership exemplified unselfish service.

2018 Mark Los  
2015 Eric Treiber  
2012 Robert P. Dathe  
2010  Bob Worthy  
Doug Taylor  
2008  Paul Robbins  
2005  Drew Debrey  
2003  William A. Butler  
2001  Ronald D. Smith  
1999  Robert E. Wilson  
1997  Steve Harmon  
1995  Robert Hegel  
1993  David J. Ryan  
1991  David D. Kaufman  
1990  Paul S. Kennedy  
Robert C. Marconi  
1989  John Harvill  
Michael E. Stroh  
1988  Russell D. Davis  
R.E. Rampon  
1987  Dr. David Cox  
Edward Huska  
Joseph B. Medved  
1986  Edgar Prince  
Michael L. Bess  
1985  G.L. (Les) Armstrong Deceased
1984  Robert L. Alexander  
Phillip S. Krone  
1983  Ralph W. Bruner Deceased
Charles F. Kerbs, Jr.  
1982  Edward C. Arnao  
James D. Harmon  
1981  Carl T. Becker Deceased
Kenneth W. Stromberger  
1980  Joe Foulke  
Robert C. Strassman  
1979  Lewis Biggerstaff  
1978  R.W. Rosenquest  
W.G. Treiber  
1977  R.G. Roesler  
Brian Sugden  
1976  J.J. Comazzi  
D.G. Walton Deceased
1975  E. Callen  
W.G. Newton, Jr. Deceased
1974  Peter A.R. Findlay  
S.S. Manson  
1973  Thomas E. Adkins Deceased
Roy E. Sunday  
1972  Ray P. Dunn  
E.W. Sherman  
1971  J.L. Johnson  
L.G. Werner  
1970  V.O. Anderson  
M.J. Lewin  
1969  W.F. Joseph  
R.C. Shirtum  
1968  W.M. Brammer Deceased
W.E. Brown  
J.L. McLay  
1967  T.N. Davis  
H.H. Pokorny Deceased
1966  E.L. Anderson Deceased
W.F. Feil Deceased
1965  L.E. Capek Deceased
R.E. Kellers  
1964  R.A. Lawson  
W.J. Pondelicek Deceased
1963  S.A. Gullo Deceased
J.A. Kraus  
1962  F.C. Bennett  
H.W. Bollman Deceased
1961  R.C. Cornell  
Norman Dress  
1960  G.F. Hodgson Deceased
A.W. Simpson III  



Doehler Award: Presented for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the die casting industry or to the art of die casting as represented by:

• Technical Achievement — as measured by significant scientific contributions of a metallurgical or engineering nature relating to the die casting process, including casting alloys, die steels and die practices, finishing methods, machine design and related subjects.

• Advancement in Plant Operations — of a management or administrative nature and related to the operational phases of the industry; safety procedures, devices and techniques; practical mechanical advances and other accomplishments directly related to efficiency; economy and safety of plant operation.

• Other Activities—not primarily of a scientific or operational nature that result in the enhancement of the reputation and acceptability of die castings. All contributions to the art of die casting and advancement of the industry are to be evaluated on the applicability of the contribution to the die casting industry as a whole.

2019 Richard L. Schaefer  
2017 John Walker  
2016 Raymond Donahue   Deceased
Leonard Cordaro  
2014 Jack Vann  
2013 Robert E. Wilson  
2012 Andrew D. Behler  
2011 Daniel Twarog  
2010 Richard Bauer  
2008 William G. Walkington Deceased
2005 Yucong Wang  
2003 Ed Herman  
2001 Dave Ryan  
2000 Rathindra Dasgupta  
1999 George T. Spalding Deceased
1998 Robert C. Marconi  
1997 Robert Alexander  
1996 John Littler  
1995 Derek L. Cocks  
1994 Kenneth J. Nash  
1993 W. Scott Brown  
1992 Michael E. Stroh  
1991 Edward A. Kruszynski Deceased
1990 Eugene Callen  
1989 Russel D. Davis  
1988 G.L. Armstrong Deceased
1987 Robert C. Cornell Deceased
1986 Walter G. Treiber, Jr.  
1985 Byron W. Koch  
1984 Professor John F. Wallace Deceased
1983 Peter A.R. Findlay Deceased
1982 Richard J. Bauer Deceased
1981 Dr. Schrade F. Radtke Deceased
1980 Harvey B. Berman  
1979 Victor O. Anderson Deceased
1978 Lewis P. Held Deceased
1977 George L. Werley  
1976 H.L. "Red" Harvill Deceased
1975 Dr. Arthur C. Street  
1974 Alfred Schneier, Jr.  
1973 Roger C. Shirtum  
1972 Walter E. Brown Deceased
1971 P. William Marshall  
1970 Hans K. Pokorny Deceased
1969 William N. Brammer Deceased
1968 George F. Hodgson Deceased
1967 Willard Babington Deceased
1966 Amos Landman Deceased
1965 Fred W. Burgie Deceased
1964 Foster C. Bennett Deceased
1963 Gordon C. Curry Deceased
1962 Cast Institute of Technology  
1961 Alfred F. Bauer Deceased
1960 E.V. Blackmun Deceased
1959 Mathew A. Hunter Deceased
1958 Gustav Nyselius Deceased
1957 James N. Smith Deceased
1956 Austin T. Lillegren Deceased
1955 Charles Pack Deceased
1954 Walter M. Goldhammer Deceased
1952 David Lane Deceased
1951 Charles A. Sanford Deceased
Norman Dress Deceased
Byron S. Van Horn Deceased
1950 C.R. Maxon Deceased


Edward A. Kruszynski Supplier Excellence Award: Recognizes a supplier to the die casting industry that has demonstrated a long-standing record of NADCA membership, participation in and furthering of NADCA’s education efforts, longevity as an exhibitor at the Cast Expo and advertiser in Die Casting Engineer magazine and participation in NADCA committees and boards. Originally introduced as the Achievement Award in 1960, it was renamed the Edward A. Kruszynski Achievement Award in 1987, and given its new designation as a Supplier Excellence Award in 1991.

2018  Robert Worthy  
2015  Chem-Trend  
2012 Thomas A. Hoskin  
2010 Allied Metal Co  
2008 Badger Metal Tech Inc.  
2005 Exco Engineering  
2003 J&S Chemical  
2001 Mark Schnur  
1999 Buhler  
1997 Melvin Koenig  
1995 Blumenthals, Inc.  
1993 Rimrock Corp.  
1991 Prince Machine Corp.  
1989 Larry G. Hayes  
1987 John L. Jorstad  
1985 Edward A. Kryszynski Deceased
1983 Robert A. Wright  
1981 Carl H. Buchhaas  
1979 Dale C.H. Nevison  
Andrew W. Simpson III  
1977 Harold H. Macklin Jr.  
1975 Gordon C. Curry Deceased
Bernard K. Dent  
1972 Walter M. Goldhammer  
1968 Alfred F. Bauer Deceased
1966 H.L. "Red" Harvill Deceased
1964 C. Ray Maxon Deceased
1962 Frank J. Koegler Deceased
1960 Joseph G. Rayniak Deceased


Gullo and Treiber Award: Presented for marketing or sales activity expanding the knowledge of die casting. Established in 1969 by Chicago White Metal Casting Inc.

2015  Ryan Winter  
2012 Harold J. Gerber  
2010 Interzinc  
2005 John L. Jorsted  
2001 Richard Zehe  
1999 Douglas Gross  
1997 Richard Bauer, Sr.  
1995 Roland N. Gibbs Deceased
1993 DDC  
1991 John D. Rutherford  
1990 Walter G. Treiber  
1989 Gene O. Cowie  
1988 Dwain Magers  
1987 George Mrazek  
1986 Modern Metals  
1985 John J. Kolar  
1984 Michael E. Brose  
1983 S.G. Holdsworth  
1982 Dale C. Nevison  
1981 R.W. Rosenquist  
1980 John L. MacLaren  
1979 David W. Veit  
1978 G.L. Armstrong Deceased
1977 Philip S. Krone  
1976 Gordon C. Curry  
1975 The Zinc Institute Inc.
1974 G.D. Simpson Deceased
1973 Carl L. Chase Deceased
1972 R.A. Lawson  
1971 R.E. Kellers  
1970 H.W. Bollman Deceased
1969 T.N. Davis  


Nyselius Award: Presented for the contribution to the industry of a significant technical accomplishment or device. Established in 1965.

2018 Dr. Frank E. Goodwin  
2015 Steve Udvardy  
2012 Jack R. Vann  
2010 Diran Apelian  
2008 Kurt O'Connor  
2005 Peter B. Olmsted  
2003 Thomas Prucha  
2001 Edward Flynn  
1999 John L. Jorstad  
1997 David Hanna, Ph.D.  
1995 Russell Van Rens  
1993 Robert A. Wright   
1991 Wayne Alofs  
1990 Derek L. Cocks  
1989 Michael L. Bess  
1988 T. Korenowski  
1987 Hans Thurner  
1986 Thomas P. Groeneveld  
Willard D. Kaiser  
1985 William F. Goodwin  
1984 William T. Andersen  
1983 Carl L. Spencer  
1982 Kenneth F. Skidmore  
1981 John Harvill  
1980 M. Alan Cope  
Alan Davis  
T. Ho Siauw  
1979 Richard J. Bauer  
1978 Joseph F. Engelberger  
1976 R.C. Cornell Deceased
1975 Mitchell J. Lewin  
1974 Ray P. Dunn  
1972 R.W. Parker Deceased
1971 J.H. Moorman  
C.W. Nelson  
1970 H.L. "Red" Harvill Deceased
1969 E.C. Kron Deceased
1967 John F. Wallace Deceased
1966 L.E. Capek Deceased