Special Session: Decarbonization Effects and Solutions

Join us Wednesday, September 20 from 2:15 pm - 4:15 pm  for a Special Session on Decarbonization.

Session Presenter: Steve Goreham

Panelists: Steve Goreham, Eric Van Genderen ,Charlie O’Ryan Room: Grand Gallery

What does carbon neutrality really mean? What do we need to do to get there? Is it even possible? How is carbon footprint measured or estimated? These are questions that will be answered through the keynote presentation and subsequent presentation, as well as the panel discussion that will follow. The keynote speaker, Steve Goreham will present “Energy, Net Zero, and Die Casting: Possible Futures,” a program covering hydrocarbon and renewable energy, Net Zero, electric vehicles, the prospects for a hydrogen economy, and future trends, with implications for the die casting industry.

To follow, Eric Van Genderen will present information on decarburizing the industry from a downstream perspective.

The panelist for the open discussion are: Steve Goreham, Consultant, New Lenox Book, Inc.; Eric Van Genderen, Director – Environment, Health & Sustainability, International Zinc Association; and Charlie O’Ryan, Director of Sales – Aluminium, StrikoWestofen America.

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