The National Metalworking Award Given to
Acme Alliance from Reshoring Initiative


At FABTECH 2021 on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Harry Moser, founder & president, Reshoring Initiative presented the National Metalworking Award to the Northbrook, Illinois based die caster Acme Alliance.

The National Metalworking Award is in recognition of success reshoring--bringing manufacturing to the U.S. from offshore. All forms of metal cutting, metalforming, additive and casting are eligible. Both OEMs and suppliers are eligible. The Award is Sponsored by PMA, AMT, NTMA and the Reshoring Initiative.

Acme Alliance was chosen for several reasons, according to Moser. “They have had a record of reshoring products for their customers. In one case their reshoring fixed a quality problem and cut the customer’s inventory by 94%,” said Moser in a ceremony at FABTECH to present the award. Quality and inventory reduction are core reshoring benefits. In the case of Acme Alliance, Moser noted the company also has successful facilities in Brazil and China. Acme’s business model is a global standard with regional production supply; they believe in producing and sourcing parts within whatever region of the world they are assembled and consumed, according to Moser. “One key to their success is a strong lean culture. Leanshoring is one key to reshoring,” said Moser.

Mauri Mendes, President of Acme Alliance-Lovejoy Industries said “In our business model we use our worldwide manufacturing footprint to produce and deliver products to the regions that they are assembled [and used] by our customers. We truly believe being close to our customer is the most important strategy. We are seeing many large organizations switching their strategy by reshoring their supply chain.”

This is the fifth annual award. Moser said prior winners included Mitchell Metal Products: formed cultivator handle sub-assembly, Liberty Tabletop, Trenton Forging, and Die-Tech & Engineering.

FABTECH is the industry’s premier metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event. It returned to Chicago’s McCormick Place September 13-16, 2021, where the Reshoring Award was presented.

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