Recognize Excellence: Submit Your Nomination for the 2024 Die Casting Industry Awards


Do you know of anyone that stands out for their exemplary service or involvement in the die casting industry? It’s time to submit your nominations for the 2024 Die Casting Industry Awards. Award recipients will be honored during the Die Casting Awards Luncheon on October 1, 2024, during the Die Casting Congress and Exposition in Indianapolis, IN.

We are currently accepting nominations for the following awards:

Nyselius Award - In recognition of exceptional technical contributions to the industry. The award was established in 1965 by the Nyselius Foundation.

Gullo & Treiber Award - Awarded in recognition of successful marketing activity resulting in the expansion of knowledge of die casting. The award established in 1969 by Chicago White Metal Casting Inc.

Edward A. Kryzinski Award - This award recognizes a supplier to the die casting industry that has demonstrated a long-standing record of NADCA membership, participation in and furthering of NADCA’s education efforts, longevity as an exhibitor in the International Congress & Exposition and Die Casting Engineer advertiser, and participation in NADCA committees and boards. Originally introduced as the Achievement Award in 1960, it was renamed the Edward A. Kruszynski Achievement Award in 1987 and the Edward A. Kruszynski Supplier Excellence Award in 1991.

Austin T. Lillegren Award - Presented biennially to members in recognition of loyal and extraordinary service, this award was established in 1960 in memory of Austin T. Lillegren, whose devotion and leadership exemplifies unselfish service. Herman

H. Doehler Award - In recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the die casting industry or to the art of die casting.
    Technical Achievement – as measured by significant scientific contributions of a metallurgical or engineering nature relating to the die casting process, including casting alloys, die steels and die practices, finishing methods, machine design and related subjects.
   Advancement in Plant Operations – of a management or administrative nature and related to the operational phases of the industry safety procedures, devices and techniques, practical mechanical advances and other accomplishments directly related to efficiency, economy and safety of plant operations.
   Other Activities – not primarily of a scientific nature or operational nature that result in the enhancement of the reputation and acceptability of die castings. All contributions to the progress of the art of die casting and advancement of the industry are to be evaluated on the applicability of the contribution to the die casting industry as a whole.

Please submit your nominations, in writing. Your response should detail the nominee’s contributions to the die casting industry that meet the criteria and include the names of any other NADCA members who are in support of the nominations. The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2024.

All nominations received will be submitted to the NADCA Awards Committee for consideration.

Nominations can be sent to the address below or emailed to Mike Meyer at
North American Die Casting Association
3250 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 101
Arlington Heights, IL 60004