NADCA Free Education for Corporate Members Program

In early 2022, a new NADCA Corporate Member Benefit was announced – Free Select Education! This new offering enhances the value of your membership by up to $6,000 per year by providing select online individual courses for any and all employee in your facility each year, one job function kit per year for up to five employees, and live webinars on one select topic per year.

Here’s how it works.

1) Select Online Courses. Corporate Members are provided with access to the online Introduction to Die Casting Course, Die Casting Safety Course, Die Casting Defects Course, and Operator Training Program. To obtain access, simply contact and request a username and password for the free select online courses. Providing employees with the login information will allow them to access the courses anytime day or night.

2) Job Function Kits. Corporate Members are allowed to select one job function kit per year for up to five employees. The following year, a different job function kit may be selected for up to five employees. Below is a list of 17 job function kits from which to choose.
  • Machine Operator
  • Melting and Handling
  • Casting Alloys
  • Casting Design
  • Tool Design
  • Die Care and Maintenance
  • Die Set-Up
  • Casting Process
  • Post Processing
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Management
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Management Information
    To obtain access, have the job function kit and up to five employees selected. Then contact and request to have the selected employees set up to access the job function kit. Each employee will be assigned a unique username and password to access the job function kit anytime day or night.

    3) Live Webinar Courses. Corporate members are notified of the schedule for free live webinar courses that are selected based on the topics of highest interest. One topic per year is presented and Corporate Members are provided with login information so they can access the broadcast. The topic this year, based on last year’s input from Corporate Members, is Thermal Control and will be presented in the August time frame. Watch for future announcements which will include the dates.

    If your company is not taking advantage of this Corporate Member Benefit, now is the time to act! To access the online select courses and a job function kit, simply contact and ask for your company to be activated! You may also contact to obtain more information about the Free Education for Corporate Members Program or to become a Corporate Member.