NADCA Awards 12 Students David Laine Memorial Scholarships 

NADCA’s David Laine Memorial Scholarship has awarded more than $25,000 to 12 undergraduate students across North America for 2021. The scholarship program was established in 1975 and its main objectives are: to provide financial assistance and encouragement to students who are interested in careers in the die casting industry; to foster and improve engineering education in die casting technology; and, to stimulate awareness of and interest in the die casting process. 

The scholarship is awarded every year to applicants that have worked internships or co-ops in the die casting industry. Students reported that they gained experience in die design and maintenance, customer service, quality control, building work relationships between different departments, maintenance, robot and PLC programing (and more). The full story will be in the March issue of DCE

All 12 of the scholarship winners worked internships at NADCA Corporate Member companies! If your company is interested in learning more about the process of hiring an intern, refer to some guidelines posted here , or we may be able to put you in touch with a colleague that you can speak to.