Linamar to Supply EV Industry from New Ontario Gigacasting Plant

Linamar’s facility, when it opens, will be the first gigacasting plant owned and operated by a North American parts maker.

“There are 15 or 20 Chinese suppliers that are looking to put in this type of capacity in China. But from a European and North American standpoint, we’re the first one,” says Mark Stoddart, Linamar’s chief technology officer and executive vice-president of marketing and sales, in an interview with Electric Autonomy.

Stoddart says Linamar’s initial plans call for the installation of three 6,100-tonne gigacast molding machines. (Tonnage is the clamping pressure the machines exert to hold molds together; bigger molds need higher pressure.) The plant’s production is earmarked for one specific customer, which at this point Linamar is unable to name. To read more click here