How Do You Tackle Porosity?  


NADCA surveyed designers and purchasers about the advantages and problems with die cast components. The companies that used die cast products were asked to identify some of the common problems they encounter with die castings. More than one in three specifically identified `Porosity’ as a common problem.

Since porosity is a common concern among die casters NADCA created a series of webinars focusing on the various aspects of porosity. Each presentation will not only address important information on the topic but also provide time for questions, answers, and discussion.

Part 1: An Introduction to the Causes of Porosity - This webinar will cover the causes of porosity. In particular the sources of shrink porosity and gas porosity will be explained. It will conclude with traditional concepts for reducing porosity formation. 
Date: January 22, 2022
Part 2: Control Porosity with Processing Parameters - Many die casting process variables affect the final porosity level in a casting. This webinar will discuss the effect of these different parameters on porosity. It will connect these processing parameters back to the underlying porosity formation mechanisms. 
Date: January 23, 2022

Part 3: Design for Reduced Porosity - Part design is the number one factor affecting the final porosity in a casting. This is due to the physical sources of porosity. This webinar will explain casting and tooling design choices that can be used to control porosity. 
Date: January 24, 2022 

Part 4: Predicting and Measuring Porosity - Achieve reduced porosity through adequate measurement and prediction. This webinar will discuss different ways to predict porosity. In addition it will explain some basics of digital porosity measurement. Any successful porosity reduction program must include porosity prediction and measurement. 
Date: March 1, 2022 

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Part 1 -  An Introduction to the Causes of Porosity 
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Part 4 - Predicting and Measuring Porosity

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