Cascade Die Casting Group Expands Sparta, Michigan, Operations

Cascade Die Casting Group, Inc., a Tier 1 and Tier 2 aluminum and zinc die cast manufacturer supplying custom engineered products, plans to expand its operations in Sparta, Michigan. The $6 million project is expected to create 30 jobs.

The investment will include energy efficient furnaces, advanced robotics and automation equipment, and facility enhancements.

“We are excited about this investment, which represents a significant milestone for Cascade Die Casting Group,” said Patrick Greene, CEO of Cascade Die Casting Group. “Our growth projections, primarily in the automotive sector, necessitate this strategic decision, allowing us to better serve our customers and contribute to our employees’ well-being by creating job opportunities and improving our employee environment.”

The project is being supported by $180,000 Michigan Business Development. In addition, the Right Place will assist the company in finding candidates for the newly created positions.

"We’re thrilled to partner with the MEDC to ensure Cascade Die Casting continues its growth right here in West Michigan,” noted Eric Icard, Senior Business Development Manager at The Right Place and project lead. “Since 1978, Cascade Die Casting has remained a pillar in Greater Grand Rapids, and this expansion serves as a testament to our region’s dedication to the manufacturing sector. We’re happy to see their continued success and we look forward to the exciting new opportunities they bring to the people in our communities as a result."