Chapter 30 - Los Angeles

Board of Governors Representatives:

Full NameCompany
Stephen R. DatheA&B Die Casting, a Division of Benda Tool & Model Works
Bob MeschukHyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corporation

Chapter Leadership:

Full NamePosition
Shane LeggettChapter Chairman
William DiBaccoChapter Vice Chairman
James F. SimonelliChapter Treasurer
James F. SimonelliChapter Secretary
Ziyi (Jack) ZhangChapter Trustee
Bob ThomasChapter Trustee
Ken ZauchaChapter Trustee
Stephen R. DatheChapter Trustee
Larry SnoreenChapter Trustee
Brian KolstersChapter Trustee

Chapter 30 Website

As the sole organized volunteer group exclusively representing the die casting industry in a specific geographic region, the NADCA Chapters exclusive purpose for existing is to advance, through education and the dissemination of the information, the following aspects of the industry – management, engineering and production.

The Chapters will regionally deliver this through various types of scheduled meetings and educational events.  They will be the front-line liaisons with not only with the die casting industry in the area, but with educational institutions, OEMs, and competing manufacturing processes.

Currently NADCA has 12 Chapters across North America serving the local industry.