Congress & Tabletop

September 19-21, 2023
Grand Rapids, MI

Exhibitor List

CompanyBooth Number
Advanced Foundry Specialists64457931
Alcoa USA Corp.53366064
Allied Metal Company21630162
Altizon Inc.23776327
American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC)33257619
AnyCasting Software Co23166757
Applied Material Solutions, Inc. (AMS)33376283
ATD Engineering & Machine53258530
Automation System & Design Inc.30361753
Axiom Machinery Inc.33870582
B&L Information Systems, Inc.20730173
Baier-Michels, USA Inc.32576033
Bedford Machine & Tool Inc.52540035
BOHLER Tool Steel21771750
Brondolin North America23073542
BuhlerPrince, Inc.30230191
Carrier Vibrating Equipment20570124
Castec Corporation30730196
Castool Tooling Systems/Exco Engineering43032708
Chem-Trend, LP23630201
Combined Technologies Group Inc23935190
Die Cast Press Manufacturing Co.22757251
Die Therm Engineering LLC23368629
Die-Pro LLC22657926
Diehl Tool Steel50359352
DME Company LLC50675958
Dynamo Inc22230221
EKK, Inc.50230225
ELLWOOD Specialty Steel64030226
Fisa North America Inc.40334357
Flow-3d Cast41030235
Fondarex USA51530236
Frech USA Inc.31730242
General Kinematics Corporation21066817
GH Tool & Mold LLC33030243
Godfrey & Wing40430247
Hellebusch Tool and Die Inc20440665
Hildreth Manufacturing LLC52630254
Hill and Griffith Company41130255
IECI SRL51859737
Inductotherm Corp.50767645
Industrial Innovations Inc51036700
International Die Casting Competition33776189
International Mold Steel32257301
J&S Chemical Corp30630273
KARS Metallurgical Marketing Ltd.42576083
Kind Special Alloys LLC43975010
Laubinger + Rickmann GmbH & Co. KG43175008
Lethiguel USA40630298
Lincoln Industries64976241
LK World53557101
Maclean-Fogg Company21475889
Magaldi Technologies LLC53174559
MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc.64530290
Master Finish Co51730292
McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies32361755
Metropolitan Alloys Corp52330296
NADCA Castview Demonstration Station33976188
NADCA Virtual Reality43875140
NCC Die Casting LLC41757536
Nexthermal Corporation64876313
Ningbo Fuxin Mould Base Co., Ltd.64772451
Ningbo K&A Machinery Co., Ltd.21875820
NovaCast USA Inc.42266639
OEE Companies42373745
Oerlikon Balzers23857953
Patterson Mold & Tool53067958
PCS Company52775818
Pfeiffer Vacuum42458602
Phygen Coatings Inc20258266
Progressive Components53639649
Prolong Surface Technologies51157929
Pyrotek Inc52230330
Quaker Houghton53830248
Regloplas Corp40535188
Ryoei USA Inc53961660
SAPP Inc.51657163
Shibaura Machine Company, America33130375
Sinto America20361027
Spectro Alloys Corp40230355
STOTEK, Inc.42640067
Stucchi USA42773461
Swiss Steel USA, Inc.40757249
T-Sok Co., Ltd.33667810
The Schaefer Group Inc31130343
Thermal-Tec Roofing51976183
Thermtronix Corp52430369
TOYO Machine America, LLC50474613
Transmet Corp50541007
Uddeholm USA31030379
Valor Renewables32775071
Vibro/Dynamics of Socitec LLC22430385
Viking Technologies23258265
Visi-Trak Worldwide LLC32630386
Voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centre Ltd.21173798
Voestalpine Eifeler Coatings Technology31671751
Wes-Tech Automation Solutions64276312
YIZUMI-HPM Corporation41657218
Zhejiang Deyi Precision Machinery Co Ltd43376185
Zitai USA64138190




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