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Careers in Die Casting 

The production of high-quality castings through metal casting is a critical aspect of the success of the U.S. manufacturing industry. In fact, die cast parts can be found in nearly every industry with castings used in 90% of all finished manufactured products. 

Benefits of a Career in Die Casting

  • Secure, well-paid career – average annual salaries range from $35,000-$90,000
  • Career advancement – training and education creates a viable career path
  • Flexibility and diversity – wide range of job opportunities from design to production to sales
  • Availability today – positions are available today throughout the industry from entry-level – apprenticeships and internships – through senior-level positions




Classified Job Postings

Are you looking for a job in the die casting industry? Find job opportunities on our Classified Job Postings page

Classified Job Postings  

Hiring Veterans

Do you have a talent gap and are you looking to build your skilled workforce? We recommend you consider hiring U.S. military veterans. There are many benefits to hiring veterans including leadership abilities, problem-solving and decision-making skills, strong work ethic, technology savvy and ability to work in teams.

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