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Visit Quaker at the NADCA Exposition Booth 636

Visit Quaker at the NADCA Exposition Booth 636 to learn how Smart Polymer™ Technology blend in DIE SLICK® release agents reduces solder, enhances release and wetting characteristics, and produces bright clean castings. Also learn how to increase tip and sleeve life and reduce smoke, staining, and buildup in the plunger sleeve with PLUNGER SLICK® lubricants.

Blasch Precision Ceramics for the Toughest Non-Ferrous Challenges

Blasch ceramic DuraLadle™ auto ladles are the newest in our extensive line of product offerings for die casters. Also offering rotary degassers, immersion heater tubes and thermocouple protection tubes; find out how we can improve your process now.

Online Education


Online education and training offers students the convenience of taking courses anywhere and the ability to complete courses at their own pace. In addition, companies and individuals can save money on travel expenses and reduce time away from the office. 


  • Nemak Seeks Maintenance Technicians for Die Cast Plant 2nd & 3rd Shift

    -Troubleshooting & repair of Die Casting machines & secondary cast equipment.
    -Hands on equipment maintenance including hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, PLC and mechanical. 

  • BHOLSTER Technologies  - Casting Simulation Services
    We are a consulting partner of FLOW3D and we specialize in structural castings with expertise in the area die cooling, product design and process development.  We can help to reduce cycle time, improve castability, and specify the  process variables required to make quality castings at the shortest cycletimes. 
  • General Motors Seeks Sr Process Engineer Supervisor

    Lead engineer for a group of process engineers responsible for developing manufacturing processes, equipment/tooling alternatives, sequence and flow of operations for the effective utilization of personnel, material, machines and facilities necessary for the production of castings.