Energy Resources

NADCA has developed several energy resources to aid you.  These web pages contain a wealth of information, including free videos, tutorials and statistics.

Online Energy Webinar

The hour long NADCA Energy Webinar will walk through energy usage in die casting and provide methods for reducing energy consumption.

Reduction Of Die Casting Energy Usage Through Process Optimization from NADCA Video News on Vimeo.

Energy Star published the Energy Treasure Hunt Guide to provide instructions on internally assessing energy waste.  This guide focuses on building a culture of energy awareness by using a continuous improvement process to incorporate employees in assessing and improving energy use throughout the facility. The main area of focus is on low/no cost process improvements. NADCA is working on tailoring this process to the die casting industry. A recording of the webinar discussing how an Energy Treasure Hunt is performed and its use in die casting is provided. Contact NADCA if you have questions, comments or interest in facilitating an Energy Treasure Hunt.

Energy Saving Manual

NADCA's Energy Saving Manual is designed to assist the die caster in establishing a strong, profitable energy management program for his or her organization. The book utilizes information and results obtained from several recent projects and studies performed in the metal casting industries to help the die caster determine efficient methods to utilize and conserve energy and to reduce some of the cost associated with producing die castings.

Downloadable Melting Cost Calculator and the Energy Assessment

The calculator tabulates the amount of energy needed for melting and holding and indicates whether the die caster’s energy use is better than or below “best standards.” It also tells a die caster how much more or less energy should be used to operate at the most efficient levels.

The energy assessment software allows a die caster to evaluate its entire operation. Based on the user’s input, the program recommends immediate improvements, small capital expenditures, and improvements that necessitate a change in process or equipment.

Greenhouse Gas Regulations and North American Die Casting Industry

As global climate change has received significant discussion for several years there has been continued discussion of nadca house gas regulations. This report gives background on the global warming debate. It also provides an in depth discussion of current regulatory proposals. The possible impact of these regulations on die casters is presented. Finally, the report provides further discussions of major sources of CO2 in an average die casting facility and ways to reduce emissions. The goal of reducing emissions being to reduces regulatory costs.

The Carbon Footprint of Aluminum and Magnesium Die Casting Compared to Injection Molded Components

This report was created in response to numerous questions from NADCA members. It is a comparative analysis of the carbon foot of aluminum and magnesium die castings with the carbon footprint of plastic injection molded components. The life cycle assessment procedures come from a section of the ISO 14000 environmental standards. A number of conclusions and recommendations are given including the largest NADCA house gas sources and methods to reduce their effect.