Student Membership

The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) is the sole trade and professional society of the die casting industry. NADCA membership consists of corporate and individual members from over 950 companies located in every geographic region of the U.S, Canada and Mexico. These companies include custom die casters, captive die casters, and suppliers to the die casting industry. NADCA members can be found in every type of community across the nation, representing both rural and urban interests.

Becoming a NADCA member gives you a competitive edge in the job marketplace compared to other engineering students! Add your NADCA membership status to your resume when applying for jobs in the die casting industry!



Stay on top of cutting edge technology by purchasing NADCA Publications at discounted rates. Topics range from management to processes and are available in formats from DVDs to printed books. 

Die Casting Engineer - NADCA’s bi-monthly print magazine. DCE publishes the latest news, technology updates, and know-how  in the industry. The magazine archives are available online at
Technical Archive - 
Search NADCA’s published information on any industry topic, available in the Technical Archive. This library of information includes the last nine years of published congress transactions and technical papers, as well as articles published in Die Casting Engineer magazine.
NADCA Update –  NADCA’s weekly eNewsletter
 offers the latest industry updates and articles, including news not available when DCE magazine goes to print. 

NADCA conferences and technology workshops  provide live networking opportunities to develop customer relations and position association members as leaders in die casting. Learn more about the most pressing issues in the die casting industry and network with peers. Members attend NADCA national conferences at a discounted rate.

NADCA Courses are offered at the Arlington Heights, IL headquarters, as well as through local chapters or in-plant. These programs present industry knowledge for creating improved die cast parts and processes, incorporating the latest standards and educational curriculum. Individual members attend NADCA national courses at a discounted rate.

Chapter Relations
Chapter events foster community and local business relations. By staying active with a local chapter, one can attend speaker and networking events; influence both association direction and industry change; and, meet with peers in the industry. Chapter events also provide opportunities to visit plants, seminars, workshops and other events.

Social Networking with NADCA - Free online training tutorials are available on YouTube.  Scope out networking opportunities on LinkedIn and join NADCA's Die Casting Group while you are there. Like NADCA on Facebook, and follow on Twitter! NADCA is ONLINE and can provide a conduit to meeting other social media savvy individuals in the industry!