Promoting Chapter Meetings & Events

How should the Chapter promote its meetings?

Every way it can!

First start with Die Casting Engineer magazine. DCE is published six times a year. The Chapter News section offers the opportunity for Chapters to tell the world about recent meetings, publicize upcoming events and more.

How do I go about getting my Chapter news/updates in the magazine?

NADCA sends reminders prior to each issue’s deadline to make sure your chapter information has been submitted for publication. If there is a specific person that should receive these reminders for the Chapter, please let us know!

No need to hand write and fax or mail. The very next day after your Chapter event, you can send NADCA your post-meeting summary with the new easy and convenient form. Please send to, with CHAPTER NEWS in subject line.

What format should the pictures be in?

Photographs of guest speakers and members at the meetings and other chapter/regional events are a great way to highlight your Chapter in the magazine. Photographs can be emailed as long as the resolution of the photos is no less than 250 dpi. If the quality of an electronic photo is in question, the best bet is to send the original photo. Please send individual photo files, and not photos embedded in another type of software (such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.). If mailed, use the mailing address located on the bottom of this page and put "ATT: DCE magazine" on envelope. All original photos can be returned upon request.

How many pictures do you need?

We will run as many pictures as we have room for in each issue, and any chapter that sends in photographs is guaranteed to have at least one appear in the magazine. Please include captions for each photo, including where/when as well as each individual's name and company.

What are the deadlines?

The deadline is typically the third Wednesday of November, January, March, May, July and September. Please contact the NADCA editor at if your news item is time sensitive, to confirm. 

Can I promote upcoming Chapter meetings in DCE?

Yes, meetings scheduled far enough in advance can and SHOULD be promoted in DCE!

How do I get our monthly meeting notice in the magazine?

Please contact the NADCA editor at with the information pertaining to your upcoming meetings. Keep in mind that the magazine mails every other month, so try sending meeting notices a couple months in advance to ensure they are published. Even if you have no news to include, it is still worthwhile to advertise upcoming events in the magazine!

How do I get my chapter event promoted on the Web?

Chapters should definitely use their NADCA Chapter Web page whenever possible to list upcoming meeting announcements. Any NADCA Chapter in good standing may submit their information to be posted on NADCA's Web site. Send the meeting notice electronically to Please note that we can only accept files for a PC and prefer those created with any Microsoft® or Adobe® product. PDFs are the best!

Should I issue press releases for upcoming chapter events?

Depending on the speaker, you might want to issue press releases to the local business newspaper(s) and to the presidents of all local die casting industry related companies. It's a great way to tap into attendees that might not have heard about the Chapter Event otherwise. Here is a sample upcoming event press release.

Should I issue press releases for chapter accomplishments and other news?

Yes! Press releases on Chapter accomplishments should be sent to DCE magazine for use in sections such as Chapter News, People and Industry News, and will be used at the staff’s discretion. Here are some examples of press releases for the Announcement of New Chapter Officers and the Awarding of Scholarships. Also, don’t forget to send these to local newspapers, regional business publications and other technical associations if applicable.

How can the Chapter get extra copies of the magazines, or subscriptions to give away?

Any NADCA Chapter in good standing may request magazine subscriptions or extra copies. Subscriptions can be given to Scholarship Award Winners, Guest Speakers, or even raffle prizes at special events. To make a request, email the NADCA editor at It's that easy!