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Advanced Technologies Job Function Kit

Bi-Metallic Tooling1
Structual Die Casting1
H.T. Die Castings1
Extreme Thin Wall Casting1
Enabling Tools for Alloy Development - case studies1
Short Run Tooling for Die Castings1
The High Fluidity (HF) Zinc Alloy: Process-Property and ...1
Surface Treatment and Coating Technology Used in Die Casting1
Creep Resistant Magnesium Alloys1
Salts Cores and Their Use in High Pressure Die Casting1
High Integrity Die Casting: Alloys for high1
High Integrity Die Casting:Melting, melt1
High Integrity Die Casting:High integrity high1
Zinc Die Casting, Advantages, Properties and Alloys1
High Integrity Die Casting: Heat treatment and subsequent1
High Integrity Die Casting: The market, applications and1
Introduction to Die Casting: Die Casting Introduction1
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Machines & Dies1
Introduction to Die Casting:Die Casting Alloys & Fundamental1
Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Die Casting1
Conformal Cooling and other Applications of Additive ...1
T6 Heat Treating of Strontium Modified, Low-Iron...1
Safety: Basic Safety in Die Casting1
Safety: Machine Maintenance Safety in Die Casting1
Safety: Electrical Safety in Die Casting1
Safety: Managing Safety in Die Casting1
Applying New Technologies to Die Repair1
Vacuum Die Casting1
Integrated Vacuum Systems, Leads to Increased Productivity1
Strontium Aluminate Replaces Alumina on Aluminum Melts at 501
Cryogenic Deburring of Nonferrous Die Castings1
The Structural Die Casting Process and its Capabilities1
Hypereutectic Al-Si-Mg-Sr Alloy with a Unique Microstructure1
New Die Steels and Surface Treatments1
Coatings for Die Castings: Conventional Coating Processes fo1
Coatings for Die Castings: Review of Thin Film Coating Proce1
Coatings for Die Castings: Measurement and Characterization1
Coatings for Die Castings: Applications of Thin Film Coating1
Die Casting Lubricants, Application and Effects: Fundamental 
Die Casting Lubricants, Application and Effects:Pulse Spray, 

NADCA suggests the following instructor led courses to supplement the above training:

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