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Training blocks allow companies to purchase training in large chunks. We offer three different blocks; Operator Training, Engineering and Management. When a company purchases a block they receive a company wide log in that can be use an unlimited amount of time for one year. A company also has the option to add employee specific log ins for a nominal fee. This allows companies to track the progress of individuals specifically. Training blocks are available for NADCA Corporate Members only. To view the specific courses included in each block please click the links below.

Engineering- $2000

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Bi-Metallic Tooling1
Structual Die Casting1
The Impact of Externally Solidified Product (ESP)1
H.T. Die Castings1
Extreme Thin Wall Casting1
Die Casting Alloys1
Performance of Die Casting AL Alloys1
Enabling Tools for Alloy Development - case studies1
The Influence on Casting Quality1
The Slow Shot1
The Fast Shot1
Heat Flow Outside the DCM1
Die Spray1
Thermal Lines1
The Quality of Steel1
Influence of Process Parameters and Maintenance on Die Life1
Applying New Technologies to Die Repair1
Why Dies Fail and How to Prevent Failures?1
The Effect of Softening, Residual Stresses and Stress Concen1
Repair of Dies1
Safe Reliable Die Clamping1
Cleaning Techniques Used for Die Casting Dies1
Coatings for Aluminum1
Coatings for Zinc1
Design Considerations for 3 Plate Casting Die1
The Vent1
Slide Design Considerations1
Cooling Line Placement in New Die Steels1
Short Run Tooling for Die Castings1
Die Preparation Before Heat Treat1
Causes of Inclusions1
Dross Procedures and Removal1
Introduction to the Causes of Porosity1
Control Porosity with Processing Parameters1
Design for Reduced Porosity1
Predicting and Measuring Porosity1
Reduce Die Soldering in Die Casting1
Eliminating Flash Defects in Die Castings1
Design for Die Casting: What features can and should be die1
Die Casting Process: What is the die casting process?1
Die Castings Defects: Where do they come from?1
Die Casting Modeling Capabilities1
FEA and FVA - The Different Modeling Approaches1
State of the Art Die Casting Modeling Practices1
The High Fluidity (HF) Zinc Alloy: Process-Property and ...1
Surface Treatment and Coating Technology Used in Die Casting1
A Unified Approach to Quality Analysis of High Pressure Die1
Advances in the Heat Treatment of High Pressure Die Castings1
Creep Resistant Magnesium Alloys1
Vacuum Die Casting1
Salts Cores and Their Use in High Pressure Die Casting1
Understanding Porosity1
Casting Design1
Die Design1
Process Control1
Understanding Mechanical Property Variations in Die Castings1
Shot Sleeve Washout in Die Casting1
Shot Tips for Cold Chamber Die Casting1
Elimination of Shot Sleeve Distortion1
Improving the Visual Inspection Process1
Trimming & Vibratory Processes1
Shot Blasting1
Other Finishing Techniques1
Die Design - Basic Die Casting Die - Holders and Locking (Pa1
Die Design - Basic Die Casting Die - Inserts and Fit (Part 11
Die Design - Moving Cores (Part 12 of 18)1
Die Design - Ejection (Part 13 of 18)1
Die Design - Processing Aides (Part 14 of 18)1
Die Design - Shot End Monitoring 1 (Part 15 of 18)1
Metallurgy of Aluminum Die Cast Alloys: Alloy Effects, Phase1
Metallurgy of Aluminum Die Cast Alloys: Impurities and Melt1
Metallurgy of Aluminum Die Cast Alloys: Analytical Technique1
High Integrity Die Casting: Alloys for high1
High Integrity Die Casting:Melting, melt1
High Integrity Die Casting:High integrity high1
Die Lubricants: Selection, Use and Evaluation1
Basic Statistics and Problem Solving Methods1
Experimental Design Basics and Examples1
Process Control: Control Theory and Process Capability1
Shot Parameters1
Other Die Casting Parameters1
Shot Parameters1
Other Casting Parameters1
High Integrity Die Casting: Heat treatment and subsequent1
High Integrity Die Casting: The market, applications and1
SMED Motivation and Concept1
SMED the Systematic Approach1
SMED Analyzing and Improving1
Deployment of Ford's Worldwide Casting Manufacturing Standar1
How Do you Decide what Refractory to Use?1
Dealing with High Refractory Maintenance Issues in your Furn1
Metal Melting & Handling Part 1 - Spanish1
Metal Melting & Handling Part 2 - Spanish1
Die Casting Defects Part 1 - Spanish1
Die Casting Defects Part 2 - Spanish1
Die Casting Defects Part 3 - Spanish1
Basic Electrical: Basic Electrical Theory and Meter Use1
Basic Electrical: Control Components and Their Function1
Basic Electrical: Understanding Control Circuits1
Basic Electrical: Programmable Logic Controllers Function an1
Basic Electrical: Programmable Logic Controllers Function an1
Basic Electrical:Maintenance Procedures for Electrical Syste1
Basic Electrical: Troubleshooting Electrical Systems1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: What the Heck is “Hydraulics1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: What the Heck is “Hydraulics1
Basic Hydraulics Boot: Why do “Hydraulics” do what they do?1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: Fluid is PUSHED from the Reservo1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: Making Hydraulic Fluid Do the Ri1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: Contamination Control1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: Odds and Ends1
Basic Hydraulics Boot Camp: That’s a Wrap!1
Defects in Die Casting: Porosity Defects and their Causes1
Defects in Die Casting: Surface Defects and Other Problems1
Marking Methods for Die Castings1
Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Die Casting1
Mechanical Maintenance & Evaluation of Die Cast Machines: Di1
Mechanical Maintenance & Evaluation of Die Cast Machines: Di1
Mechanical Maintenance & Evaluation of Die Cast Machines: Di1
Gating/PQ2: Introduction and Basic Principles1
Gating/PQ2: PQ2,the Operating Window, Machine Constraints1
Gating & PQ2 : Calculations1
Gating & PQ2: Designing Runners, Overflows and Vents1
Understanding Melting Loss1
Reducing Externally Solidified Products-Essential for..1
T6 Heat Treating of Strontium Modified, Low-Iron...1
Predicting Castability of Ultra-Thin Parts Using Simulations1
Integrated Vacuum Systems, Leads to Increased Productivity1
Shot System Components: The Shot Sleeve1
Shot System Components: The Plunger Tip, Plunger Rod & Shot1
Shot System Components: Operational Guidelines1
Methods for Metal Transfer into the Shot Sleeve1
Flash in Die Casting1
Minimizing Linear Dimensional Variations1
Minimizing Cross-Parting Line Dimensional Variations1
Minimizing Die Shift and Warpage1
Gating: Fan Gates1
Gating: Tangential Gates1
Melt Degassing and Best Practices for Die Casting1
Strontium Aluminate Replaces Alumina on Aluminum Melts at 501
The Role of Die Lubricants in Die Casting1
Cryogenic Deburring of Nonferrous Die Castings1
Alloys and Properties1
The Structural Die Casting Process and its Capabilities1
Markets and Example Application1
Hypereutectic Al-Si-Mg-Sr Alloy with a Unique Microstructure1
Automated 3D Scanning for Die Casting Quality Control (QC)1
Die Casting Alloys that will Allow the Die Caster to Compete1
Die Casting Defects - Surface Defects Part I1
Die Casting Defects - Surface Defects Part II1
Die Casting Defects - Gas Porosity1
Die Casting Defects- Shrinkage Porosity1
Die Casting Defects - Inclusions, Leakers and Cracks1
Die Casting Defects - Flash, Solder, and Other Defects1
Process Control: Introduction to Process Control1
Process Control: Generation of X-Bar & R Charts1
Process Control: Application to Shot Variables - 11
Process Control: Application to Shot Variables - 21
Process Control: Application to Other Die Casting Parameters1
Mechanical Properties of Materials1
Heat Treatment of Steel1
Die Material Acceptance Criteria,Design & Operational Factor1
New Die Steels and Surface Treatments1
Applied Coatings and Die Maintenance1
Engineering Die Casting Dies:Dimensional Repeatability1
Engineering Dies:Gating/Process Planning-Simplified Approach1
Engineering Dies:Gating/Process Planning-Designing Runner1
Engineering Die:Gating/Process-NADCA Approach to Gating1
Engineering Dies:Thermal Design - Why Bother1
Engineering Dies:Thermal Design - Simplified Approach1
Engineering Dies:Thermal Design-NADCA Approach1
Engineering Die Casting Dies: Designing the Die1
Engineering Die Casting Dies:Moving Cores1
Engineering Die Casting Dies:Ejection Systems1
Electric Vehicle Growth & Impact on the Die Casting Industry1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 1: Introduction1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 2: The Die Casting Proce1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 3: Defects in Die Castin1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 4: Die Casting Alloys1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 5: Optimization of Geome1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 6: Examples of Die Casti1
Product Design for Die Casting-Part 7: Secondary Processing1
Basic Structure and Concepts of Hydraulic Power1
Hydraulic Pumps and Motors1
Hydraulic Reciprocating Actuators1
Hydraulic Valves1
Hydraulic Circuits1
Simplified Approach to Designing Cooling of Dies1
Intermediate Approach to Designing Cooling of Dies1
Advanced Approach to Designing Cooling of Dies1
Die Spray and Bringing it all Together1
Basic Approach to Process Control1
Intermediate Approach to Process Control 11
Intermediate Approach to Process Control 21
Advanced Approach to Process Control 11
Advanced Approach to Process Control 21
Coatings for Die Castings: Conventional Coating Processes fo1
Coatings for Die Castings: Review of Thin Film Coating Proce1
Coatings for Die Castings: Measurement and Characterization1
Coatings for Die Castings: Applications of Thin Film Coating1
Understanding Differential Thermal Expansions & Die Alignmen1
Parting Surface Geometry & Fitting Cavity Block1
Fitting & Locking Slides1
Electro-Hydraulic: EH Switching Valves1
Electro-Hydraulic:Electrical Circuits for Switching EH Valve1
Electro-Hydraulic:Proportional and Servo Valves1
Electro-Hydraulic:Open-loop versus Closed-Loop Electro-Hydra1
Electro-Hydraulic: EH Valve Selection Criteria1
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Mechanical Drawing 
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing:Dimensioning 
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing:Rules and Symbols 
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing:Datums and Tolerancin 


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