National Course and Webinars

NADCA offers a variety of options to address all of your educational needs.  Some of NADCA’s most popular education option are Webinars. 

Webinars are live web broadcasts presented weekly.  Attending a webinar is an excellent way to obtain vital information without the hassle or cost of travel.  Topics for webinars include, but are not limited to Safety, Results of Surveys and Studies, Various Processes, Economic Industry Data, NADCA R&D Research Results and New Technologies. A webinar presentation will not only address important information on the topic but also provide adequate time for questions, answers and discussion.

Below you will find a schedule of  National Courses and Upcoming Webinars.  

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  • July 5 2018
    Hydraulic Seminar in Illinois 07/05/2018 Add to Calendar
  • July 11 2018
    Porosity Management: Understanding Porosity 07/11/2018 This course develops a qualitative understanding of porosity in terms of the Neutral Thermal Axis (NTA) and how casting shapes and heat flows influence the NTA setting the stage for the next three parts of the series. The NTA is an imaginary surface through the interior of the casting that is the last place to solidify and hence is also the location of the porosity whether gas porosity or shrinkage porosity. Before one can influence porosity, he/she must understand what causes it to be where it is and understand it in terms of those things that the casting designer, die designer and process control technician has control of. Add to Calendar
  • July 12 2018
    Porosity Management: Casting Design 07/12/2018 This course describes how the shape of casting features influence the Neutral Thermal Axis (NTA) and hence the location and distribution of porosity. It describes shapes that facilitate placing the porosity where it will not be detrimental to the function of the casting. It shows how the designer can identify the proper location and distribution of the porosity and how to specify the NTA and local porosity requirements so the die designer and process control technician will understand what the casting needs. Add to Calendar
  • July 18 2018
    Porosity Management: Die Design 07/18/2018 This course shows how to design the die features and components (i.e. cooling channels, die spray application, inserts, cavity blocks, slides, etc) and make the heat flow calculations for locating and sizing them to impose the heat flows necessary to force the NTA to be positioned within the casting as specified by the product design as described in Part II. It shows how one can create a computer spreadsheet to do the calculations. The course does not allow time for the student to work through example problems so he/she is encouraged to study the hard cover text after the course and build his/her own spreadsheet. Add to Calendar
  • July 18 2018
    Hydraulic Seminar in California 07/18/2018 Add to Calendar
  • July 19 2018
    Porosity Management: Process Control 07/19/2018 This course explains how the process must be controlled on a shot-to-shot, hour-to-hour and day-to-day basis to insure that the features in the die (designed as per Part-III) are operated correctly so the porosity in the casting will be where specified by the casting design (as per Part-II). Special attention is given to controlling die temperature and the die spray since traditionally the industry has not controlled these variables well and they are critical to managing porosity. Add to Calendar
  • July 24 2018
    Computer Modeling Seminar in Michigan 07/24/2018 Add to Calendar
  • August 8 2018
    Hydraulic Seminar in Michigan 08/08/2018 Add to Calendar