National Course and Webinars

NADCA offers a variety of options to address all of your educational needs.  Some of NADCA’s most popular education option are Webinars. 

Webinars are live web broadcasts presented weekly.  Attending a webinar is an excellent way to obtain vital information without the hassle or cost of travel.  Topics for webinars include, but are not limited to Safety, Results of Surveys and Studies, Various Processes, Economic Industry Data, NADCA R&D Research Results and New Technologies. A webinar presentation will not only address important information on the topic but also provide adequate time for questions, answers and discussion.

Below you will find a schedule of  National Courses and Upcoming Webinars.  

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  • August 21 2018
    Heat Treatment and Subsequent Process Steps 08/21/2018 The focus of this webinar is on heat treatment of aluminum high integrity die castings. Heat treatment is the final step in determining the mechanical properties of a casting. After having presented and discussed alloys, melting/melt treatment/transfer, and die casting process technologies required in order to make heat treatable die castings, the theory of heat treatment of aluminum alloys, available tempers, and best practices for thin walled structural die castings are presented (where distortion and blistering can be big issues when heat treating them). The webinar will also briefly describe other subsequent process steps and best practices for structural high integrity die castings. Add to Calendar
  • August 22 2018
    The Market, Applications and Commercial Aspects of High Inte 08/22/2018 The Market, Applications and Commercial Aspects of High Integrity Die Casting - In this webinar the very rapidly growing market for high integrity die castings is presented, and applications in the various market segments shown and discussed. The main growth sector is of course automotive, where we can see a dramatically increasing number of car body applications like shock towers, but this is not the only market segment where structural high integrity die castings are increasingly being used, we can find them more and more in motorcycles, recreational vehicles and even in boats. Alloys for these castings are typically primary alloys bought and sold based on different indices than secondary alloys, the value chain is very different, and therefore commercial challenges need to be addressed appropriately and will be discussed in this webinar. Add to Calendar
  • September 5 2018
    Hydraulic Seminar in Illinois 09/05/2018 Add to Calendar
  • September 12 2018
    Process Monitoring Class in North Carolina 09/12/2018 This course is designed for the die casting employee, engineer, or manager who has a basic understanding and some experience using process monitoring and control systems and would like to gain a more thorough understanding. The course will help the die casting employee understand the relationship between the data received from the process monitoring system and product quality. It will also provide guidelines on the uses of process control to maintain product quality. Although, die casting concepts are covered in detail, no significant mathematical skill or process experience is required. Add to Calendar
  • October 29 2018
    NADCA National Classes 10/29/2018 Add to Calendar