EC-908 - Die Casting Safety

A one-day program to familiarize students with various safety topics and safe work practices specific to the die casting facility and the equipment used in the die casting process.  Topics relative to potential hazards associated with die casting machine and its ancillary equipment such as linkage areas, die cast tooling, rotating and moving equipment and working with molten metal are included in this course.

Workshop Summary:

Safety is important in the operation of die casting equipment. Employee morale is best in a safe working environment. The quality of employees available to a plant and the quality of their output certainly is influenced by the environment in which the employee must work. Safety has an economic impact in terms of lost wages, the costs of compensation and hospital and medical expenses. High employee injury rates result in lost production and missed detail on construction and guarding of the die casting machine and correct practices in its operation. Specific topics, such as linkage areas, rotating couplings, safety ratchet pawls, ejector plates, core slide springs, spray guns and casting extractors, are included in this course.


Die Casting Machine Safety

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