EC-902 - Operating the Die Casting Machine

A one-day program detailing the basic die casting setup, startup, warm-up and shutdown.

Workshop Summary:

To a large extent, the die casting industry depends on the skill of the machine operator for efficient production of high-quality products. The effective machine operator understands the basic function of the process, the proper care of the die casting machine, die setup, recognition and control of basic casting defects, and the procedures that ensure his/her personal safety. Because of the high mobility of the labor market, it is frequently necessary to train new machine operators.


Operating the Die Casting Machine

Corresponding Online Courses: 
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Operator Training: Die Components & Their Functions
Operator Training: Everybody Is Involved in Die Setup
Operator Training: Proper Care and Treatment of Dies During
Operator Training: Recognizing and Controlling Flow Defects
Operator Training: Recognizing and Controlling Porosity
Operator Training: Eliminating Solder and Flash Defects