EC-700 - PQ²

A one-day program tying the machine power available with the die and process parameters.

Workshop Summary:

How much gate area do you need to make a quality casting? Does your machine have enough power to provide a robust process capable of producing high quality castings? The PQ2 process provides a starting point for determining gate area, defining a process window, and fitting a machine to that window. Utilizing Bernoulli's equation to relate process variables to pressure and flow rate allow a designer to match a machine to the casting and optimize the process. Restructured in 2016, by Al Miller with the new Gating Equation, the process starts with the casting requirements and how it effects the process window and uses that to select the machine.


PQ2 Machine Power and Die Compatibility

Corresponding Online Courses:
Introduction and Basic Principles
PQ2,the Operating Window, Machine Constraints