EC-606 - Product Design

A one-day program dedicated to understanding the die casting option and the unique capabilities and advantages that die casting brings to the metal forming market. The workshop also focuses on the principles, concepts and techniques needed to optimize the design of die casting products.

Workshop Summary:

This course is targeted for the die casting process, tooling, sales and quality engineers. The purpose of the course is to help the die casting professional better counsel the customer and/or to take a customer’s functional design and make it into an operational and economically viable die casting. The course describes how to analyze the product’s function in service and from those requirements, select the alloy, develop the casting configuration, establish the economics of production and determine the best prototyping method. The evaluation of alternative designs, alternative processing and alternative processes also is discussed. The course includes designing for machining, assembly, fastening, surface finishing and treatment and castability.


Product Design for Die Casting

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