EC-515 - Die Casting Defects

A two-day program devoted to understanding and identifying the probable causes of defective die castings and to determining and implementing solutions that minimize or eliminate the effects of the problem.

Workshop Summary:

Defective die castings are quality deviations that must be corrected to meet the quality requirements of the customer. Defects are serious issues that are usually traceable to process settings and/or metallurgical problems. The good news is that most of them are correctable through operations control and process control. The purpose of this course is to provide useful information, skill and techniques to those individuals charged with the responsibility for process settings and production of quality castings.

The course is organized under four categories: 1. Process factors that control many defects, especially those concerning surface finish, cold flow and non-fills; 2. Metallurgy issues associated with defects. While all metals are covered, there is a special emphasis on aluminum; 3. Identifying defects and diagnosing root causes and corrective actions; and 4. Troubleshooting guide studied by type of defect in order to swiftly take the appropriate action.


Die Casting Defects-Causes and Solutions
Die Casting Defects-Troubleshooting Guide

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