EC-514 - Gating Design

A two-day program devoted to understanding and implementing a proven process for designing and calculating effective gating based on the specific feature of the die, the casting and the power performance of the machine.

Workshop Summary:

Gating is central to die casting technology. There is perhaps no skill more important to a die designer, a process engineer or anyone involved in the process, than the ability to design an effective gate for a die casting die. This course provides an understanding of the theory behind gating design but focuses on a practical step-by-step process to design effective gating.

Five basic rules for gating are emphasized. A step-by-step procedure includes casting, gating and machine performance considerations. Basic topics of the course include gate location, gate velocity, gate area, runner design, chisel gates, fan gates, tangential gates and machine compatibility. Careful attention is paid to the methodologies and details of calculations including the use of calculators, spreadsheet templates and the gating slide rule.

Gating Die Casting Dies

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