EC-506 - Engineering Die Casting Dies

A two-day program dedicated to providing the process, techniques and references on how die casting dies should be designed to perform the functions required.

Workshop Summary:

The die casting die has four basic functions: 1. To hold the molten metal in the shape of the desired casting; 2. To provide means for the molten metal to get into the space where it is to be held in the desired shape; 3. To remove heat from the molten metal to solidify the metal; and 4. To provide for the removal of the solidified casting. The overall goal is to design a die that will produce high quality castings efficiently and that is based on sound economic principles.

This course is targeted to the die casting tool designer, engineer, toolmaker and others involved in the design, construction and use of die casting dies. The course offers an understanding of what should be included in the die casting die design. The course begins with a tooling design philosophy and evolves into all the major systems that must be included in the die. Topics include parting line determination, die cavity placement and machine size requirements, dimensional requirements and capabilities, metal flow and gating considerations, heat flow in and out of the die cast cavity, including waterline placement for depth and length.  Design of ejection systems and die materials.    


Designing Die Casting Dies

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